Light-Duty Handout Tubes

These thin wall tubes are designed especially for give-away or handout of inexpensive promotional items or posters.

Light-Duty Handout Tubes

Same Day Shipping

If you are looking for an inexpensive tube to handout to your customers for retail posters or prints, we have just what you are looking for. Yazoo’s Light-Duty Handout tubes are 2” and 3” in diameter and come in various lengths and are in stock for same day shipment. These light-duty handout tubes are light weight and easy to handle. They can also be used as a light weight packaging tube or used to hand carry blueprints or other documents. Customers find that they also can be used as storage tubes for in-house use. They do not come with plastic plugs and are packed in large cartons. They are not intended to be used as a mailing or shipping tube. Plastic plugs are available for our light-duty handout tubes at an extra cost, if desired. However if you need something stronger, we have over 70 sizes of Heavy-Duty Kraft and Heavy-Duty White mailing tubes available for same day shipment.

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Inside Diameter /
Overall Length
Wall Thickness Tubes Per Carton Price Per Ctn
1-7 Ctns
Price Per Ctn
8+ Ctns
Item Number No. of Cartons  
2" x 20" .045 116 $82.36 ($0.71) $70.01 23612
2" x 26" .045 116 $93.96 ($0.81) $79.87 15466
3" x 26" .045 49 $77.91 ($1.59) $66.22 15469
3" x 33" .045 49 $88.69 ($1.81) $75.39 15470
Boxes containing Light-Duty Handout Tubes

About Yazoo's Light-Duty Handout Tubes

  • Light weight design for handout or promotional items.
  • 15% off 8 cartons or more.
  • In stock for immediate shipment.
  • Outside is brown kraft.
  • Minimum order 1 carton. Full cartons only.
  • Product does not include plastic end plugs; they can be purchased at an additional cost.
  • Prices include shipping charges to anywhere in the continental USA, and cost of tubes.