Yazoo Quality Control

From raw materials to finished products, we demand quality. Quality, reliability, and consistency are a way of life at Yazoo. All of our tubes are manufactured from 100% recycled paperboard, custom-made to our specifications, from the best-in-class mills in North America. We hold all of our raw material suppliers to strict tolerances in order to produce a high-quality consistent product for our customers.

The Yazoo quality control system is in effect for inspecting and testing all raw materials before and during processing. This system provides assurance that the material continues to meet the physical, chemical, functional, visual, and dimensional requirements needed by the customer. Listed below are a few of the tests on raw materials and finished products. Detailed information on these tests and quality checks is contained in our “Quality Assurance Manual.”

Tests Performed on Raw Materials in the Yazoo quality control process:

  • Basis Weight of Paperboard
  • Tensile Strength and Tear Resistance
  • Caliper (thickness of paper)
  • COBB Test (water absorptiveness)
  • Ring Crush (compression resistance)

Yazoo Quality Control Testing Done on Finished Tubes and Cores:

  • Measuring Moisture Content
  • Measuring Wall Thickness and Outside Diameters
  • Compression
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Measuring Spindle Fit
  • Side-to-Side Crush
  • Measuring Lengths or Heights
  • Measuring Inside Diameters
  • Yazoo Quality Control Inspection Checks and/or Testing of In-Process Products:
  • Mandrel Check
  • Specification Sheet Check
  • Overlapped Plies
  • Length Check
  • Wall Thickness Check
  • Trim Check (recutters)
  • Gap Width
  • Outside Diameter Check
  • Wrinkled Tubes or Wrinkled Outside Ply
  • Glue Bond or Lamination Check