Being Creative with Yazoo Mills’ Tubes



We are notorious for manufacturing high-quality paper tubes and cores for over 112 years throughout the United States and numerous countries.  On average, we produce over 3 million inches of tubing per day for major companies that use our products for mailing, shipping, storage, labels, etc.  However, our tubes and cores can be used for more than just those purposes.

Our tubes and cores are very versatile that the creative possibilities are endless!  You can stack a few of our colored mailing tubes together to create a festive and inexpensive wine rack to accent your home.  Have a lot of pairs of shoes?  Not a problem!  Stacking our bigger mailing tubes together can create a convenient shoe holder that can be stored in your closet.  Need a new lamp?  Take the cover off of an old lamp and replace it with an outer shape made out of our cores.  Do you have a lot of books but nowhere to store them?  Create a bookshelf out of our bigger cores.  The list of creative ideas can go on and on.  Order some of our tubes and cores and see what creative projects you can come up with.