Blast Hole Casings You Can Trust


In the Blasting and Mining industries, time is never on anyone’s side. The jobs are plentiful and need to be done as quickly as possible. Companies are looking for a quality blasting tube that will deter the possibility of layers of fractured rock collapsing the hole which in turn, ultimately stops the job. That’s where Yazoo fits in perfectly.

Our Water Guard and regular Blast Hole Casings are the most durable products blasting and mining companies trust the most. With over 350 tooling options available, our blast hole casings are custom-made to fit any size blasting hole. Companies who need a casing that will last days in a hole, turn to Yazoo for their Water Guard Blast Hole Casings. Yazoo’s  Water Guard blast hole casings are made from specialized paperboard and adhesives to produce a product that is highly water resistant.

We have tested the Water Guard casings in very adverse environments including submersion in water for over five days, which provides flexibility at the job sites. The water-resistant
blast hole casing did not delaminate or come unraveled during these trial periods.

Our blast hole casings are designed to fragment after blasting to ensure not jam conveyors or drags. In fact, they are safer than using steel or PVC as they will not go skyward in one piece as a projectile. No matter what kind of blast hole casings you need, Yazoo Mills always offers:

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