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Custom made blast casings, with no minimum order size, makes Yazoo the clear choice for mining and blasting contractors.

Water Guard Blast Hole Casings from Yazoo Mills

Time is never on anyone’s side in the blasting and mining industries. The jobs are plentiful and need to be done as quickly as possible. Companies are looking for a quality blasting tube that will deter the possibility of layers of fractured rock collapsing the hole. That’s where Yazoo fits in perfectly.

Our Water Guard and regular Blast Hole Casings are the most durable products blasting and mining companies trust. With over 350 tooling options available, our blasting tubes are custom-made to fit any size blasting hole. Companies who need a casing that will last for days in a spot, turn to Yazoo for their Water Guard Blast Hole Casings. Yazoo’s Water Guard casings are made from specialized paperboard and adhesives to produce a highly water-resistant product.

• Water resistant, will not delaminate or unravel in wet conditions.
• Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
• Casings made from 100% recycled paperboard.
• Fastest lead times in the industry.
• No minimums.

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