Brand Your Tubes and Cores with Printed Liners, Covers, or In-Line Printing

yazoo mills branding             branded cores and tubes          branded

Adding a liner, cover, or in-line printing is a great way to promote your company, product, or identify your cores for product identification or manufacturing purposes. Add a company name, logo, product identification, stripes, etc. to have your tubes and cores stand apart from the standard kraft paper tube. Add your phone number or website and they become a marketing tool. Anyone that receives your tube or core has the information at their fingertips to reach you again when it is time to re-order.

Yazoo custom printed liners are white offset paper and covers are available in offset or semi-gloss. Printing is available in up to 8 colors or four color process line art (no photographs) for both liners and covers. Reverse print is also an option if you want a colored background.

Looking for something more cost effective than a custom printed liner or cover? In-line printing fills that bill. In-line printing is printed directly on the kraft tube or core eliminating the need for a custom printed liner or cover. Choose from 1 or 2 color printing and Yazoo’s 12 standard ink colors. Only need something for identification purposes? Instead of a name or logo, Yazoo can print identification stripes. Use different ink colors to distinguish easily between diameters, wall thicknesses, or lengths.