Creating Art Out of Tubes



Have you ever looked at a product and thought of how you could use it differently than its intended sole purpose?  Or maybe took a product and added your own touches to make it creative?  An artist from Virginia has taken Yazoo’s tubes and made them into art by painting sceneries onto them.

Rosemary C., a professional artist who makes her living as a printmaker in Virginia, likes to work on building supplies and other non-traditional materials that often turn her prints into sculptures.  During one of her many art journeys, she stumbled upon an artist who had a tube in her studio, using it to carry her art supplies in.  Rosemary was given the tube and she started painting on it.  She says, “I was hooked.  I used the tube as a challenge.  As it is art in the round, it has to work from every angle, creating a changeable story.”

In 2014, she had an extensive exhibit at the Evergreen Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.  Part of this was an installation using Yazoo’s custom tubes.  The exhibit involved 10 tubes from seven to ten feet, filled with artwork all around the tube.