In August of 2018 Yazoo completed the expansion of their second manufacturing facility located in Hanover, PA. The 90,000 square foot facility houses the newest manufacturing technology and provides increased winding capacity to position Yazoo as the industry leader for consistent quality, excellent service and fast turnaround.

In August of 2015, the first expansion was completed by doubling its sizes in order to facilitate Yazoo’s continued growth rate. Yazoo now operates two facilities totaling 240,000 square feet.

In 2012, a 45,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center was built in Hanover, PA allowing the company to broaden its production capabilities and product lines. The building was constructed of precast concrete wall systems, utilizing the most modern building design available in the market place today. Sustainable design features were incorporated into the building’s architecture and the facility meets LEED certified credentials.

In 1981, the company moved from Hanover and built a new plant in New Oxford, PA. Over the years, the plant in New Oxford has seen 7 expansions adding space for offices, manufacturing, finished products, and raw materials. With the purchase of adjoining properties, the complex encompasses 9 acres and the facility now totals 150,000 square feet.

Throughout the early years, Yazoo manufactured mattress cord and florist’s thread for funeral wreaths. After the move to Hanover in 1936, production shifted to balls of kite twine and parcel post twines. During the war, Yazoo produced rope handles for ammunition boxes. In the sixties, the market for string and twines declined and the future looked bleak. The company had also been producing its own cores for kite twine. In 1969, management decided to phase out the twine operations and concentrate entirely on the manufacturing of paper cores to sell to different industries.

Since 1969 and the change of product line to paper tubes and cores, Yazoo has undergone several major expansions.

Around 1928, the company moved from Yazoo City to Brooklyn, New York and eventually settled in Hanover, Pennsylvania in 1936. The Lion and Lioness trademark was registered in 1936 and has been used ever since to represent Yazoo’s strength and reliability.

Yazoo Mills, Inc. was founded as a yarn and textile mill in Yazoo City, Mississippi in 1902. Even though the company has evolved through many changes since those early beginnings, it has always retained the name Yazoo Mills, derived from its original location in Yazoo City.