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Tubes Designed for Giveaways, Promotional Items & Posters

Carrying lightweight, valuable items without protection can damage your products in the long run. If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to protect your items, we have the solution you’re looking for. Yazoo’s light-duty paperboard tubes are the perfect fit for hand-delivering promotion products, documents, blueprints, and any other lightweight items.

  • Custom-made to your specifications.
  • 48-hour turnaround time.
  • Immediate quotes.
  • No minimum order.

Who Needs Light-Duty Mailing Tubes?

Light-duty handout mailing tubes are a great option for companies that send small, lightweight items in the mail. Here are some examples of who might consider buying light-duty paper tubes:

  • Small business owners: Entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to send small packages or documents to clients or customers will find thin paper tubes useful and cost-efficient.
  • Online sellers: If you sell products online, you’ll likely need to send small items to customers.
  • Event planners: Event organizers for conferences, trade shows, and workshops must send or hand out informational and promotional materials to attendees. Putting these in light-duty paper tubes makes distributing these easier on event staff and provides an easy way for event attendees to hold onto this information.
  • Non-profit organizations: Charities, advocacy groups, and other non-profit organizations can send out fundraising appeals and newsletters to supporters in lightweight shipping tubes.
  • Real estate agents: Light-duty paper tubes provide agents with an easy way to keep property listings, contracts, or other documents organized for clients.