Custom Paper Cores

Paper cores are used in manufacturing and retail to spool and dispense rolled up materials such as tape, plastic film, and textiles. Our paper cores are made with high-quality raw materials and can be customized with your products in mind.

Creating Custom Paper Cores for Your Needs

Yazoo Mills produces paper cores made from recycled paperboard. Our custom paper cores provide inner support for various rolled materials – keeping them tightly wound and helping them to dispense neatly and easily. Here are some of the reasons customers come to us for paper cores:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Large range of diameters and lengths for different types of rolls
  • Made of 100% recycled paperboard
  • Choose from tape and label cores, converting cores, and stock cores
  • Ready to ship paper cores in stock that ship same day

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Fast Shipping

At Yazoo Mills, we believe that you should have the best shopping experience, which is why we offer fast shipping on paper cores with no minimum order required. Our fulfillment process allows us to quickly process and ship custom orders within 48 hours of processing.

Paper Core Uses and Applications

Our paper cores are used by companies across North America from a variety of industries including:

Tips for Using Custom Paper Cores

Here are some tips for using Yazoo Mills paper cores:

  1. Choose the correct size paper core for your needs.
  2. Always handle the core and your rolled material by the edges to avoid damage.
  3. Keep rolled materials on the paper core and store in a flat, dry place to maintain the shape and prevent wrinkling.

Tape and Label Cores

We produce tape and label cores to our customers’ specifications with no minimum quantity required.

  • Smooth, burr-free blade cuts.
  • No minimum quantity.
  • As small as 3/4″ I.D. up to 10″ I.D.

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Converting Cores

Each core is manufactured with your application in mind and fits each customer’s specifications.

  • 3/4” I.D. to 20” I.D., up to .660 wall thickness
  • 3/16” to 53 feet in length.
  • Covers and liners are available in parchments, silicon, or custom printed.

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Stock Cores

Yazoo’s 3” I.D. and 6” I.D. stock core program is the largest in the industry.

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