Stock Cores

Yazoo Mills stocks over 110 sizes of paper cores and is the industry’s only supplier to have them in inventory and available for same-day shipment if ordered by 4pm EST.

Who Needs Paper Cores?

Companies across various industries may need to order paper cores for their operations. Here are some examples of companies that may require stock cores and what problems the cores solve:

  1. Printing companies: Paper cores are essential for printing shops that use roll-fed printers, such as offset printers, digital printers, and screen printers. Our paper cores provide a stable and consistent base for the printed material, ensuring that it is properly aligned, fed through the printing machine, and printing is even.
  2. Packaging companies: Businesses that produce packaging materials, like bubble wrap, bags, and labels, often use paper cores to create their products. The paper cores provide the necessary stability and structure for the packaging materials, which helps protect the contents during transportation and storage.
  3. Label manufacturers: Similar to packaging companies, label manufacturers use paper cores for their products. The paper cores serve as the spool for the labels.
  1. Paper converters: Paper converters are companies that convert large sheets of paper into smaller, more manageable sizes for various applications. They may use paperboard cores to create spools of paper that can be easily handled and processed.
  2. Artists and crafters: Individuals who engage in arts and crafts activities may also use paper cores as a base material for various projects. For example, they might use paper cores to create unique cards, gift tags, or decorative items.
  3. Display and exhibit companies: Companies that specialize in creating displays and exhibits for trade shows, events, and retail spaces may use paper cores to create customized displays and signage.
  4. Marketing agencies: Marketing agencies may use paper cores for printing promotional materials, such as brochures, flyers, and business cards.

Any company or individual that requires a stable and versatile base material for various applications may benefit from ordering paper cores.

Always In Stock, Guaranteed

Yazoo’s 3” I.D. and 6” I.D. stock core program is the largest in the industry. We stock over 110 sizes of paper cores and have over 3 million cores in inventory and on the floor at all times, guaranteed.

Yazoo Mills manufactures 100% recycled paperboard cores for a variety of industries. We provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry and have same-day shipping available on stock core orders placed by 4pm EST.

Why Choose Yazoo Mills

We are the premier manufacturer of paper cores and are well-known as the supplier of choice when it comes to excellent service and consistent quality. At Yazoo Mills, we take paper cores seriously. It’s our passion, our expertise.

We’re committed to helping our customers make the best selections for their paper core needs, especially when companies need products fast in order to stay ahead of their competition. Many of our customers are independent operators that depend on Yazoo Mills for their stock core needs.

We treat all customers the same, whether they are buying a box full or a truckload. Our customers know that we deliver on time, every time. Contact us today and see why 15,000+ customers depend on Yazoo Mills.

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