Custom Paper Tubes

At Yazoo Mills, our custom paper tubes are made with 100% recycled paperboard from the best-in-class mills in North America. No matter what you need to protect, package, or store, we promise to deliver high-quality paper tubes that are customized to your exact needs. We offer in-line printing, high-gloss colored outer wraps, colored parchments, VCI papers, notching, slitting, embossing, punching, and many other customization options.

If you don’t require any customization, we also stock a range of paper tubes that are ready to ship the same day you place an order. No matter which kind of paper tubes you need, Yazoo Mills always offers:

  • Free shipping in the continental U.S. on stock mailing tube orders
  • No minimum order requirements – order 1 or 10,000
  • Same day shipping for in-stock orders placed before 4 p.m. EST
  • 48 hours shipping on custom orders, guaranteed

Browse our selection of in-stock paper tubes, or contact us to learn more about customization options and pricing.

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Custom Shipping Tubes

Durable and high-quality shipping tubes made to your specifications for shipping your goods.

They resist folding and bending and can be reused. Custom orders have a guaranteed turnaround time of 48-hours or less.

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Packaging & Protection Tubes

Packaging and protection tubes are an exact item, always made to the customer’s specifications.

  • High quality, made to tolerance requirements.
  • 3/4” I.D. to 20” I.D., up to .660 wall thickness.
  • 3/16” to 53 feet in length.

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Cremation Rollers

Crematoriums nationwide turn to Yazoo Mills for their cremation roller needs. Yazoo’s cremation rollers are designed to allow for easier loading of a casket into the cremation chamber.

  • 2-1/2” O.D. x 18” long.
  • 25 per carton.
  • Factory direct.

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Storage Tubes

With over 35,000 product specifications and 350 tooling options, we can produce any size storage tube you desire.

  • Designed to the customer’s specifications.
  • High quality storage tubes with superior strengths.
  • 48-hour turnaround time.

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Why Choose Yazoo Mills

Yazoo Mills produces custom paper tubes for many industries and applications. Our customers use our custom paperboard tubing to store and ship tooling, wood moldings, fishing rods, art work, vehicle parts, machine and printing dies, etc.

Other uses for our custom paper tubes include spacers, paint maskers, protection sleeves, display tubes, furniture forms, candle molds, pallet support, speaker port tubes, medical mouth pieces, voids, reels, blast casings, and more.

Yazoo Mills customizes for your world by offering in-line printing, high gloss colored outer wraps, colored parchments, custom printed papers, VCI papers, notching, slitting, embossing, punching, and many other secondary processes. These customization options elevate your shipping and storage with branding that reflects your company and goods.

How to Use Our Custom Paper Tubes

Yazoo Mills produces paper tubes for several industries and use cases. Here’s a few:

  1. Paper mills – Paper mills produce large quantities of paper and use paperboard tubes as a convenient and efficient way to transport their paper goods.
  2. Printing companies – Printing companies use paper tubes to hold rolled up prints, such as posters, maps, and other large format prints. This allows them to handle and store prints without worrying about damage during shipping or storage.
  3. Shipping and logistics companies – Need to protect fragile items during transit? Yazoo Mills’ paper tubes allow you to wrap your item, place it inside a tube, and then seal the ends to prevent damage.
  1. E-commerce businesses – Online retailers can ship goods like posters, artwork, and clothing to customers or retail locations without worrying about creases and tears.
  2. Artists and designers – Artists and designers may create sculptures, installations, or other pieces of art using paper tubes as the primary material. Paper tubes may also be used to protect paintings and prints.
  3. Event planners – Event planners working on parties, weddings, and corporate events may use paper tubes to create centerpieces or decorations, or mail scroll-style invitations.

The Yazoo Mills Guarantee

If it’s a tube, we can make it to your specifications with no minimum order size and ship it in 48 hours, guaranteed. We hold all of our raw material suppliers to strict tolerances in order to produce a high quality, consistent product for our customers on time, every time. Challenge us and see why over 15,000 customers trust us for creating custom paper tubes for their needs.


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