Extinguishing the Risks: Yazoo Employees Receive Fire Safety Training

Photo Yazoo Employee Fire Extinguisher Training

Imagine a sudden burst of flames. Scary, right? Fire safety education from a young age prepares us for these moments. At Yazoo, employee safety isn’t just a talking point, it’s a core value we embody daily. That includes keeping our workplace fire-free.

That’s why we recently teamed up with our local heroes! The fantastic folks at United Hook & Ladder Co #33 and Hanover Area Volunteer Fire & Rescue recently visited our New Oxford and Hanover locations to educate our team members on fire awareness and fire extinguisher training.

This dynamic training covers:

A huge shout-out to our amazing first responders! We are incredibly grateful for their dedication to keeping our communities safe. Their willingness to share their expertise with our team is invaluable.

Safety is our top priority, always. By providing diverse training opportunities like this, we empower our employees to be fire safety champions, both at work and at home.

Together, let’s keep our communities fire-free!