From Paper Tubes to Bird Toys


Yazoo Mills’ tubes and cores can be used for a variety of different things other than just their normal purposes. We have a wide range of customers who use our products for all different types of projects, every single day. One of our customers incorporates Yazoo’s paper tubes into her bird and small critter toys that she designs and sells to other companies.

Dena T., from one of the leading bird and small critter toy manufacturers, says “My toys are handmade in the USA.  My company is the first avian enrichment toy line to have an independent third party verify USA parts used that are truly made in the USA, but also the material sourced to create the product is from the USA, too.” Dena continues to say “Searching for the right parts lead me to use as many as possible that are made here in the USA because I can ask the manufacturer what goes into their end product.  That’s why I chose Yazoo Mills’ paper tubes because they are made from 100% recycled paperboard!”