Get to Know the Yazoo Team – Recut Department

Yazoo Mills Recut Department Poses For PictureMeet another part of the team that makes Yazoo a strong, independent manufacturing company. The Recut Department is the secondary operation where the master sticks are sent to be cut to shorter lengths. The equipment in this department has the capability to produce multiple truckloads of cores every day.  A machine change over takes approximately 5 minutes and they average 120 change overs per day. Other responsibilities include box assembly, labeling, packing, core counts, and weighing. The Recut Department is also the final leg of quality assurance, before a shipment leaves the plant, checking lengths, tolerances, burrs, and overall quality of the cores. They are a very dedicated group of people, with an average of 13 years of experience, and work hard to make sure our customers get a quality product with every order.