Join Yazoo Mills In Recycling!

Yazoo Mills Goes Green With Using 100% Recycled PaperYazoo cores are manufactured from 100% recycled paperboard and are 100% recyclable themselves.  Recycling cores during the manufacturing process by shredding, baling, and shipping to a consuming recycled paper mill is a major portion of Yazoo’s recycling effort. The office is mindful of the paper it uses and re-uses the paper when possible to print again, takes notes, cut up for scrap paper, or shred for recycling. Customers may request acknowledgements, forms, and invoices to be emailed to further reduce paper waste. Yazoo has also streamlined some of its in-house processes in both the plant and office to further reduce the use of paper. reports that U.S. paper recovery rate for 2011 was 66.8%, which is a record high.  Join Yazoo Mills by recycling paper in your workplace and at home.