Local Organization Receives Donation

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For many years, Yazoo Mills has been dedicated to helping local organizations develop and grow their programs within the community.  Our donations help organizations continue to strive to reach their goals and continuing to make a difference in other’s lives.  Within the last year, Yazoo partnered with TrueNorth Wellness Services to help provide support for those in need.  TrueNorth provides comprehensive and personal approaches to empower individuals in maintaining a life of wellness through preventative and healing services.

Yazoo authorized a sponsorship of $1,800.00 for TrueNorth’s “Clutch It Up” fundraiser and “Casino Night,” where the proceeds aided their “Amazing Kids Club” program.  “The Amazing Kids Club focuses on social relationships.  Less intense than one-on-one strategies, the Club is designed as either a stand-alone program or a supplement to other more intense forms of treatment for kids suffering from development disorders normally associated with the Autism Spectrum and other disabilities,” the company said.

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