Manufacturing Week with the Next Generation


Happy National Manufacturing Week! This week has been recognized since 2012 and has grown pretty impressively over the years.  Manufacturing week is worldwide and engages over 600,000 participants, including close to 300,000 students!  It was created to open the minds of the next generation, inspiring more young people to come and join the world of manufacturing.

On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, Yazoo hosted 13 seniors from South Western High School’s Step-Ahead program. The Step-Ahead program allows seniors to go to school for half days and then work the remainder of the day in the field they are interested in.  We welcomed the students and opened with a brief company history video.  We then took the students on a tour of our New Oxford manufacturing facility, giving them a taste of what we do firsthand.  The students were able to see that manufacturing jobs are still alive and well, the type of jobs we offer, how a career in modern manufacturing is very rewarding, the skillsets we are looking for during our hiring process and the great benefits our employees receive working for a top-rated company like Yazoo.

According to MFG DAY, here are a few statistics from students that participated in Manufacturing Week:

We are excited to see the next generation excel in modern day manufacturing and bring fresh new ideas to the table to prepare companies for the future ahead.