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Yazoo Unveils New Hanover Office Expansion

November 2023

Yazoo Mills proudly announces the completion of a significant office expansion at its Hanover facility. This expansion generated approximately 3,500 square feet of new office space, creating a modern and collaborative work environment for Yazoo’s growing team.

This expansion was driven by the company’s increasing demand for Yazoo’s premier quality paper tubes and cores, expanding workforce, and dedication to providing a comfortable and modern work environment for its valued employees. This new space contains seven well-appointed offices, a spacious cubicle area, a state-of-the-art conference room, three additional bathrooms, a dedicated health room, and a temperature-controlled breakroom for office employees.

The new offices and cubicle area are designed to foster collaboration and productivity, promoting open communication and teamwork among employees. The conference room provides a space for meetings, training sessions, and presentations. The breakroom serves as a welcome addition for employees, offering a place to relax, socialize, and unwind during breaks, further enhancing the overall employee experience.

The most notable features of the expansion are the state-of-the-art conference room, a dedicated health room, and an inviting breakroom. The conference room is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including an all-in-one smart whiteboard, transforming it into a dynamic hub for brainstorming sessions and strategic discussions. The designated health room provides adequate space to offer first aid and address any employee concerns related to their well-being. The breakroom, with its kitchen cabinetry, interior TV for internal communications, and ample seating, provides a comfortable and inviting space for employees to relax, socialize, and enjoy a moment of respite.

Building upon this successful expansion, Yazoo Mills, in collaboration with its longstanding partner, Conewago Enterprises, envisions a future second-level office expansion. This expansion would further accommodate Yazoo’s growth trajectory and provide even more space for its expanding team, enabling our company to continue attracting and retaining top talent in the paper tube and core industry.

Yazoo Mills’ dedication to providing its employees with the best possible work environment is evident in the recent office expansion. This commitment, coupled with the company’s continued growth and success as America’s largest family-owned manufacturer of paper tubes and cores, reinforces Yazoo’s position as an industry leader and a desirable employer.

New Conference Room at Yazoo Mills in Hanover New Health Room at Yazoo Mills in Hanover New Offices at Yazoo Mills in Hanover New Office Breakroom at Yazoo Mills in Hanover

Investing in Next Generation Equipment and Software to Improve Speed to Market

July 2023

New Oxford, PA, July 20, 2023 – Yazoo Mills, Inc., America’s largest family-owned manufacturers of paper tubes and cores, has announced a $4-million investment in next-generation high-speed converting lines, infrastructure, and proprietary production scheduling software.

These strategic growth initiatives are aimed at meeting their customer’s increasing demand for faster speed to market products. The improved technology, infrastructure, and software systems solidify Yazoo’s unwavering commitment to finding the best solutions for its nationwide customer base.

All production lines and software are expected to be operational by Q1 of 2024. Facility infrastructure upgrades were recently completed to provide improved workflow efficiencies and support planned future growth. The new converting lines and proprietary scheduling software will streamline the production process, enabling Yazoo to optimize efficiency and increase output. With these investments, Yazoo will continue to deliver the industry’s fastest order fulfillment platform giving its customers a competitive marketplace advantage.

Yazoo Mills Has Partnered with Eberlé for $3 Million Equipment Project

August 2022

Yazoo Mills, Inc., America’s largest family-owned manufacturer of paper tubes and cores, has partnered with Eberlé, from Reichstett, France, in the completion of a $3 million equipment project.

The initiative to add new equipment is part of a $6.5 million investment made by Yazoo Mills in response to the growing demand for its products and services across the U.S. Entering its 120th year of business in 2022, Yazoo Mills had a $3.5 million building expansion recently completed in March. Expansion was necessary to provide adequate production space to support this equipment project. Yazoo Mills and Eberlé collaborated to place several high-speed paper tube winding lines, a recut production line, and automated packaging systems to handle the finished product. The purchased equipment was installed in both plants in New Oxford and Hanover, PA that will continue to position Yazoo as the industry leader for consistent quality, excellent service, and fast turn-around times.

Yazoo Mills continues to be a forward-thinking, customer-focused organization which is why they are continuously reinvesting in their company and equipment.

Photo: Yazoo Employee Calibrating Eberle Machine Photo: New Eberle Housing Cutters

Yazoo Adds Backup Power Capability to New Oxford Plant

August 2022

Power outages can be detrimental to a business, especially in the manufacturing industry. Even a slight disruption can be costly in ways of safety, mechanical failures, loss of materials, and production time—which has led Yazoo to take action.

Yazoo Mills, America’s largest manufacturer of paper tubes and cores, is pleased to announce its latest investment of a commercial backup generator for its 150,00 sq ft facility in New Oxford, PA. Built to weather the storm, the 20-foot 510kw Kohler generator was recently installed to keep our three-shift operations running at full capacity following a power outage. Equipped with an automatic switch that kicks on immediately following an outage, our customers will have a greater sense of security in knowing our operations won’t stop when the power grid goes out.

Yazoo remains committed to continually reinvesting in our company and equipment which will help to reach more customers and meet market expectations. Adding a backup power supply will not only provide our company added security for always being up and running, but it will also add a sense of comfort for our customers to know our service will not stop due to unexpected blackouts.

Celebrating 120 Years of Excellence

July 2022

Strength, Reliability, and Future Growth

Yazoo Mills, Inc., America’s largest family-owned and operated manufacturers of paper tubes and cores, is proud to reach its historical mark of 120 years in business and continued growth.

What began as a yarn and textile mill in Yazoo City, Mississippi in 1902, the company has grown to become the largest privately owned paper tube and core manufacturer in the country. In its early years, Yazoo produced its own cores to wind rope and twine. After a move to New York in 1928, Hanover in 1936, and a change to ownership in 1961, Yazoo dedicated all manufacturing to the paper tube and core industry. To this day, Yazoo continues to manufacture 100% recycled products and is the supplier of choice for a wide range of industries, ranging from tapes, labels and flexible packaging, to plastics, papers, films, foams, wires, reels, and more.

In our 120th year, the company continues to grow with the latest expansion of its 2nd plant in Hanover, PA. Completed in spring of 2022, the 60,000 SF of additional manufacturing and warehouse space in response to the growing demand for the company’s products and services. Yazoo Mills now operates two state-of-the-art facilities totaling 300,000 square feet. In addition, we have begun to expand its production capacity with the installation of several automated machines and increased its workforce to more than 200 employees.

Yazoo Mills is exceptionally proud to have reached this momentous milestone, and they’ve dedicated this success to their customers, partners, and all employees—past and present. Over the course of the year, we are paying homage to this unyielding support and years in business through a company hardback history book, commemorative logos, updated facility signage, events and tradeshows, and employee appreciation activities throughout the year. Yazoo Mills looks forward to continued success and many more years of offering a quality product made in the USA.

Yazoo's Hanover Manufacturing Facility Receives Interior Renovation

July 2021

Yazoo Mills has been the leading manufacturer of paper tubes and cores for over a century. With being in business for over 119 years, comes a lot of growth and expansion. Our Hanover manufacturing facility recently received an interior renovation of 3,000 sq ft of existing space. The renovation created 7 new offices, training room, additional bathrooms and a temperature-controlled breakroom for plant employees.

The 16-person training room was designed and implemented to facilitate employee development, leadership training and mentoring in specific departments. Yazoo has conceptual plans for an additional two-level office area in the future.


New Oxford High School's Colonial Manufacturing Receives $50,000 Donation from Industry Leader Yazoo Mills, Inc.

January 2019

Manufacturing students at New Oxford High School are the beneficiaries of a recent $50,000 donation from Yazoo Mills, Inc. for the new Colonial Manufacturing Program. School officials and local partners broke ground in late-November on the 12,600 square foot addition.

Colonial Manufacturing will provide another valuable tool for students to enhance their hands-on technical education. The program will continue to provide training opportunities for high school students who would like to pursue a career in manufacturing.  A “Think Tank” room will also be available for students to collaborate on real world problems, figure out solutions for issues that arise, calculate costs associated with projects, design and manufacture products and present them.

Troy Eckert, President at Yazoo Mills, commented that “It’s a great pleasure to give back to a wonderful program in our community.” He continues on to say, “We see the importance of partnering with our local schools to support the next generation, in hopes of developing more skilled-labor personnel.” Dr. Russell Greenholt, Superintendent of Conewago Valley School District, said “CVSD & Colonial Manufacturing are proud to partner with Yazoo Mills to grow a talented workforce in the South Central region, to ensure that manufacturing will continue to hold its prominent place in the area.”

Our donation will have an immediate impact on students by providing the resources needed to bring Colonial Manufacturing to completion. The year-long program will be available at no cost to all New Oxford students and is slated to begin in August 2019.

Yazoo Mills Accelerates Growth with Expansion of Second Manufacturing Facility

August 2018

Yazoo Mills, an industry leader in production of 100% recycled paper tubes and cores, is pleased to announce the completion of their second manufacturing facility located in Hanover, PA.  The 90,000-square-foot facility houses the newest manufacturing technology and provides increased winding capacity to position Yazoo as the industry leader for consistent quality, excellent service, and fast turn-around times.

The production expansion project started in the fall of 2017 and was completed in several phases including all supporting infrastructure, new auto-tie baler and shredder for waste processing, Big Ass Fans for cooling, production offices, and the installation of five, custom-built winding lines, made to Yazoo’s specifications.

Yazoo is committed to continuously reinvesting in their company and equipment which will help take them to new heights as well as meet market expectations and reach more customers. The added manufacturing capacity will not only strengthen Yazoo’s ability to deliver more of their products that significantly improve end-user’s efficiency across all industries, but will also enhance Yazoo’s leadership position and their ability to bring the best, high-quality paper tubes and cores to their customers.

Yazoo Successfully Launches Brand New, Responsive Website

October 2017

Yazoo Mills, an industry leader in production of 100% recycled paper tubes and cores, is pleased to announce the launch of their fully, redesigned www.yazoomills.com website. Created with the user experience in mind, the website has been designed using the latest technology to work across all platforms and to be compatible when viewing on any device.

Optimized for design, the website provides a much easier navigation for customers, incorporates improved functionality, has an enhanced user experience with Yazoo’s e-commerce store, and improves the overall customer experience with innovative scrolling and superior graphics. In addition to highlighting Yazoo’s extensive product offerings, the new website is positioned to be the leading source for customers across various industries to find valuable information, graphics, and videos on how Yazoo is the solution they have been looking for.

Our website remains an important industry tool for guiding customers who are in search of ways to use paper tubes and cores within their industry. The creation of our Solutions pages deliver extensive product information to help customers better understand Yazoo’s offerings in numerous industries nationwide.  Visitors can also stay up-to-date with Yazoo’s events, blogs, and news under the “About Yazoo Mills” section.

Yazoo Enlarges Its Core Cutting Department with Additional Equipment

July 2017

Yazoo Mills, an industry leader in production of 100% recycled paper tubes and cores, is pleased to announce their recent purchase of a brand new automatic recutting line. The new addition brings Yazoo to a total of 29 recutting lines, marking the company as having the largest core-cutting department in the United States for smooth, burr-free blade cut cores. With the increased growth from a variety of markets that Yazoo serves, the new recutter enables the company to respond to the increasing demand for paper cores at competitive pricing.

Yazoo is proud to continue reinvesting in their equipment to expand and offer more solutions for the tape, label, and converting industries. The new recutter is equipped with fully automated controls which allows operators to have more access and flexibility while increasing efficiency within production.