Yazoo Mills News

Yazoo Mills Completes Manufacturing and Distribution Center Expansion Project

September 2015

Today marked the completion of a 45,000 square foot expansion at Yazoo Mills’ Manufacturing and Distribution Center, located in Hanover, PA. After only three years in operation, the company doubled the size of this facility to a total of 90,000 square feet. Yazoo now operates two, state-of-the-art facilities totaling 240,000 square feet. Through increased production at the Manufacturing and Distribution Center, Yazoo is affirming its position as a leading manufacturer of paper tubes and cores.

The Manufacturing and Distribution Center expansion is integral to Yazoo’s growth strategy and the company is excited to be embarking on this next phase of investment. The investment in the newly expanded facility reflects the strength of Yazoo’s business and the increasingly important role that their service levels contribute to the company’s success.

This facility houses the largest stock paper tube and core program in the industry and with the increased square footage, Yazoo will be able to add more to their offerings. The expansion will also enable Yazoo to continue to fulfill their long-term commitment to deliver customer satisfaction, speed to market, and quality, American made products.

Hanover Distribution Center Expansion Update

July 2015

Yazoo’s Distribution Center expansion has taken off and is over half way completed. The walls have been set, the roof decking has been put up, and the dock doors have been installed. The ground is being groomed and rolled to get ready for the next step; pouring the concrete floor.

Conewago Enterprise, Inc. has been working diligently to make sure that the project continues to go smoothly. The expansion is targeted to be completed by August. When completed, Yazoo will operate two facilities totaling 240,000 square feet.

Additional Parking Spaces Added at New Oxford Facility

June 2015

Yazoo Mills is an ever-growing company and has grown tremendously over the last few years. We have grown so much that we needed to add 35 additional parking spaces at our New Oxford facility. Conewago Enterprise, Inc. headed up the project and has been working very swiftly to complete the additions. Once the project is completed, we will have added 16 additional parking spaces out front and 19 additional parking spaces out back.

Yazoo Mills Expands Manufacturing and Distribution Center; Company Continues To See a Growing Increase in Demand of Products

April 2015

Yazoo Mills, a leading manufacturer of paper tubes and cores, is proud to announce that the company has been approved to expand their Manufacturing and Distribution Center, located in Hanover, PA, by an additional 45,000 square feet. After only three years in operation, Yazoo Mills is doubling the size of this facility to a total of 90,000 square feet.

The expansion is necessary to facilitate the company’s continued growth rate. The new addition will be constructed of precast concrete wall systems, utilizing the most modern building design available in the market place today. Planning for the expansion started early in 2014 and 30 positions were added in preparation for this expansion. Currently, there are no plans for additional jobs in 2015.

The planned expansion will allow Yazoo to better serve their customers through an increase in product offerings, speed to market, and help the company meet an ever-growing demand for their products. Yazoo plans to break ground in late April and the project is targeted to be completed by August. When completed, Yazoo will operate two facilities totaling 240,000 square feet.

Yazoo Mills Adds Equipment to Production Lines; Focuses on the Future

November 2014

Yazoo Mills has purchased a new high-speed, multi-knife paper tube recutting line that will assist the company’s focus on the increasing demand for their products such as paper cores for the converting industry as well as other specialty items. Paco Winders Manufacturing Co., based in Philadelphia, PA, will supply the complete line equipped with custom built knife bars. The custom knife bars will integrate into Yazoo’s tooling intersystem, enabling its machine operators to rapidly complete equipment change overs.

The new Paco recutting line will compliment Yazoo’s existing 25 recutting lines by reducing labor, expanding production capacity, and improving its ability to expedite custom orders. Additionally, Yazoo recently added two high-speed paper tube winding lines in the spring of 2014 and the company plans on further expansion in 2015.

Yazoo Mills Adds Additional Sizes to Stock Core Program

July 2014

Yazoo Mills recently added nine additional sizes of 3” I.D. X .250 cores to their Stock Core program, bringing them to a grand total of 103 sizes of cores in stock at all times, guaranteed. With the additional nine sizes, Yazoo now stocks 60 sizes of 3” I.D. X .125 cores and 43 sizes of 3” I.D. and 6” I.D. X .250 cores. All of Yazoo’s stock cores range from ½” to 60” in length.

Yazoo’s 3” I.D. and 6” I.D. Stock Core program is the largest in the industry with 103 sizes of cores and over 1,500,000 cores in inventory and on the floor at all times. They are available and ready for same day shipment. Yazoo’s stock cores are used by a variety of industries all across North America.

Yazoo Mills is the premier manufacturer of paper cores and are well known as the supplier of choice when it comes to excellent service and consistent quality. Yazoo manufactures only premium quality custom paper cores and does not produce cores from chipboard or other inferior quality paperboards. Customers are now able to call and order cores for same day shipment up until 4pm EST.

Yazoo Mills Offers Lower Minimums for Printed Covers and Liners

June 2014

Customer satisfaction is very important to the employees at Yazoo Mills, Inc. and they always go above and beyond to give them what they want and need. In listening and responding to their customer’s needs, Yazoo now offers significantly lower minimums for printed covers and liners, tailored to small quantity orders. Additionally, to be more beneficial and economical to their consumers, the company has also reduced their printing plate costs by 30%.

Lower minimums offer the opportunity for custom branding of small to medium orders. Printed covers and liners is a unique way for a company to market themselves with shipping tubes, mailing tubes, and cores. Yazoo’s custom printed liners are offered in offset white paper and covers are available in offset or semi-gloss. Printing is available in up to eight colors or four color process line art for both liners and covers. Reverse print is also an option if a customer wants a colored background.

With unmatched consistency and quality, Yazoo Mills offers the best printing in the industry. To learn more about printed covers, liners, and their cost, call one of Yazoo’s friendly Sales Representatives today at 1-800-242-5216.

Yazoo Mills Reduces In-Line Printing Cost to Better Serve Customers

April 2014

Yazoo Mills is proud to announce that they have reduced the price of in-line printing to be more economical and beneficial to fit their customer’s needs. With a recent partnership with a national plate manufacturer, Yazoo was able to cut costs of printing plates in half while the customer still receives the same level of quality and service.

The company has added two new in-line printers bringing them to a grand total of 14 printers in house including two-color printing capabilities. In-line printing provides high quality and sharp branding at an inexpensive cost.

In-line printing is for companies that are looking to grab their customer’s attention with color branding of their logo or identification. Yazoo offers consumers 12 different color options to choose from. With unmatched consistency and quality, Yazoo Mills is the best in the industry. To learn more about in-line printing and its cost, call one of Yazoo’s Sales Representatives today at 1-800-242-5216.

Yazoo Mills Increases Production Capacity

April 2014

Over the past few years, the increase in demand for Yazoo’s products has pushed their manufacturing lines to full capacity. With this high increase in demand for paper tubes and cores, Yazoo Mills is expanding production capacity by adding two additional winding lines.  The addition will increase their total winding lines to 12, which is the largest number of winding lines under one roof in the United States.

The addition of the two new lines will create more scheduling flexibility, add production capacity, and will assist the company to enhance efficiency with processing more orders.  Yazoo Mills is nationally recognized for their swift turnaround time and this additional capacity will guarantee their customers will continue to receive this level of service.  The delivery and implementation of the two new winding lines is expected by June 2014.

Yazoo Mills Invests $4 Million Into Manufacturing Operations

March 2014

Over the past 18 months, Yazoo Mills has been working diligently to make the necessary changes within their manufacturing operations to sustain their current growth trend.  The company has invested over $4 million dollars into essential projects, plant infrastructure upgrades, and additional production capacity.

A new 45,000 square foot distribution center was recently built in Hanover, PA giving Yazoo Mills a total of 195,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space for their product lines.  With the infrastructure upgrades and remodeling, Yazoo was able to generate 20 local jobs and now employs over 100 individuals.

A team of managers worked together to redesign and reengineer the existing production lines to improve efficiency and ergonomics throughout the company.  Other projects that have since been completed are the additions of new printing capabilities, new packaging line equipment, innovative adhesive storage and distribution system, ERP systems, and upgrading to energy efficient lighting throughout the plant.  The construction of an employee training center and 10 new office spaces were also incorporated in the list of remodels at Yazoo Mills.