Yazoo Mills News

Yazoo Partners with Epicor

July 2013

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing and distribution, has been selected by Yazoo Mills, Inc., a manufacturer of paper tubes and cores, for their enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

Yazoo Mills, a third generation family-owned and operated company based in New Oxford, PA, manufactures and distributes high-quality paper tubes and cores throughout North America.  To serve their 15,000 customers more efficiently, the key resource for Yazoo Mills is access to real-time information.  Yazoo decided to upgrade their current ERP software to Epicor 9 to take advantage of the latest technology that will provide them with accurate, real-time data to help improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.  With Epicor 9, Yazoo Mills will benefit from a tailor-made system with deep functionality built to handle the unique requirements of their business and specific manufacturing processes.  Epicor 9 automates repetitive tasks, delivers robust costing, and flexible job scheduling that enables manufacturers to achieve unprecedented levels of control and efficiency across operations.

Black Plugs Are Here!

February 2013

Enhance the appearance of your custom shipping tubes with black plastic end plugs. Yazoo now offers four sizes of black plastic end plugs to give your custom tube order a new look. Call today for a quote!

Here We Grow Again!

January 2013

Yazoo has increased the Stock Core program by 12% with the addition of 10 new sizes.  Yazoo’s Stock Core program, which now totals 94 sizes of 3” I.D. and 6” I.D. cores, is the largest in the industry.  All sizes in the Stock Core program are guaranteed to be in-stock for same day shipment.  Whether it is a custom made or stock paper core, Yazoo delivers exceptional value by providing a high quality product and unparalleled service.  Contact us today for pricing on these new sizes.

Hanover Facility Now Open!

November 2012

Yazoo Mills, with corporate offices in New Oxford, PA opened its second facility at 800 Gitts Run Road in Hanover, PA, on November 26, 2012. The 45,000 square foot facility houses mailing tubes, stock cores, and numerous raw materials. With the stock items under one roof, this facility will further expand the company’s ability to meet customers requests for same day and next day shipments. Additionally, the expansion will allow Yazoo to broaden its production capabilities and product lines. Sustainable design features were incorporated into the building’s architecture and the facility meets LEED certified credentials. The project was completed by Conewago Enterprises ahead of schedule and within budget.

Construction Winding Up

October 2012

The construction on Yazoo’s facility in Hanover is winding up. The excavation began in April and construction started soon after. Before we knew it the walls were up and the roof was on. We are down to the final interior items to be finished and completion of the landscaping. Yazoo is planning to move its inventory of over 1,500,000 cores into the building by mid-November and is excited about operating out of this facility along with its New Oxford facility.

Double Down!

July 2012

Yazoo’s .250 wall core stocking program has more than doubled in six short months with the addition of 16 new items.  A total of 30 sizes of .250 wall thickness cores are in stock and ready to ship.  The entire program consists of 84 sizes of 3” I.D. and 6” I.D. cores for same-day shipment.  Yazoo now has over 1,500,000 cores in inventory and ready to ship.  Contact us today for prices on the new sizes of .250 wall thickness stock cores.

New Warehouse Progress

July 2012

Yazoo’s new facility is really taking shape. With the initial site work completed and the ability to set a wall every 30 minutes, it was just a matter of days until Conewago Enterprises had the walls set on Yazoo’s new warehouse located at 800 Gitts Run Road in Hanover PA. They are currently working on the roof decking and the concrete flooring is the next step in the process.

Breaking New Ground

May 2012

The site work for Yazoo’s new facility in Hanover, PA has begun. Yazoo had selected Conewago Enterprises as the contractor for the job. The project is on schedule for the 45,000 square foot manufacturing and warehousing facility. Yazoo is looking forward to operating the new facility and is excited about the positive changes the new facility will bring to the company and their customers.

Two-Color In-Line Printing

April 2012

With the addition of a new two-color flexo printer, Yazoo continues to reinvest and offer additional options to their expanding customer base.  Along with 12 stock ink colors, this new printer allows their customers the choice of one or two color in-line printing.  In-line printing is an economical and cost effective way to add company logos, product ID, etc. to the inside or outside of paper cores.  Contact us today for more information and pricing.

Stocked Full!

February 2012

Yazoo’s Stock Core program continues to expand with the addition of 13 new sizes.  A 3.020” I.D. x .250 program has been created with 12 new stock sizes in addition to the 60” size we already offer.  Additionally, a 6.040” I.D. x.250 x 60” core has also been added to the new .250 wall program.  The 6” I.D. cores are packaged at 48 per pallet, in-stock, and ready to ship.  All of these new items will add to our already high level of service by offering them to our customers in small quantities, with aggressive pricing, and ready for same day shipment.  Yazoo continues to expand the stock core program to offer an exceptional value and same day service to our customers.  Contact us today for pricing on these new Stock Cores.