Yazoo Mills News

More Stock Cores

September 2011

Yazoo’s 3″ I.D. Stock Core program continues to grow with the addition of two new sizes.  A 3.020″ I.D. x .125 x 36” and 48” long core has been added.  These cores are packaged at 221 per pallet, in-stock, and ready to ship.  Both of these items will add to our already high level of service by offering them to our customers in small quantities, with aggressive pricing, and ready for same day shipment.  Yazoo continues to expand the stock core program to offer an exceptional value and same day service to our customers.  Contact us today for pricing on these new 3″ I.D. Stock Cores.

It’s a Snap!

March 2011

Economic snap-seal mailing tubes are now available for custom orders at Yazoo. Sizes range from 1-1/2″ I.D. to 4″ I.D. and up to 48″ long. Snap-seal or crimped end mailing tubes are designed for easy loading and are a cost effective solution for mailing inexpensive items. Please visit our snap-seal mailing tubes page or contact us today for more information and pricing. Yazoo has also added two new sizes of adjustable tubes to their offering, the new sizes are 4-1/8″ x 30″- 60″ and 4-1/8″ x 60″-120″. These stock sizes are great for shipping fishing rods, tooling, industrial parts, etc.

Additional Equipment and Upgrades

February 2011

Yazoo has recently upgraded all of its paper tube production lines with custom fabricated equipment to reduce waste and improve set-up times. An outside engineering firm was utilized to create the customized equipment, made to Yazoo’s specifications. These continuous improvements help Yazoo maintain a competitive advantage and increase the efficiency within their 150,000 sq. ft. operation. Additionally, a new snap-seal mailing tube line has also been added. Yazoo continues to reinvest and offer additional services to their ever expanding customer base.

More Mailing Tubes

May 2010

Yazoo’s mailing tube program continues to grow with the addition of three new sizes to the Heavy Duty Kraft line. The new sizes are 4″x20″, 6″x73″, and 8″x73″. All 90 sizes of Yazoo’s Mailing Tubes are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Plastic and Metal end plugs are now available to order online. The plugs are prepackaged in small quantities with the shipping charges included. Please visit our End Plugs page for more information and pricing.

Increased Service with Additional Offerings

April 2010

Yazoo Mills has stepped up its service level for our 3″ I.D. Stock Core program by adding two totally new items. A 3.020″ I.D. x .125 x60″ long core has been added. These cores are packaged at 221 per pallet, in-stock, and ready to ship. We also added a 3.020″ I.D. x .250 x 60″ long core. These cores are packaged at 180 per pallet, in-stock, and ready to ship. Both of these items will add to our already high level of service by offering them to our customers in small quantities, with aggressive pricing, and ready for same day shipment. Yazoo Mills continues to create new ways to keep their customers competitive and reduce their inventories in today’s lean business environment. Contact us today for pricing on these new 3″ I.D. Stock Cores.

Product Lines Grow

October 2009

Yazoo recently added additional sizes to its stock mailing tube lines. The Heavy-Duty Kraft line now has a total of 61 sizes, the Heavy-Duty White line has a total of 13 sizes, and the Light- Duty Handout line has 4 sizes. We also added two totally new product lines: Adjustable Shipping Tubes and Multi-Pak Assorted Mailing Tubes. With 87 sizes available, Yazoo has one of the largest selections anywhere. All of these items are available for online ordering and in stock for same day shipment.

Metal end plugs have been added to our offering of end closures to meet the demands of our customers requiring extra heavy-duty plugs for shipping heavy objects, parts, etc. Yazoo now has 20 sizes of metal and plastic end plugs to choose from. The metal end plugs, like our plastic end plugs, are in stock for immediate shipment.

The 3″ I.D. Stock Core program has also expanded and now offers 51 sizes to meet the growing demands of our customers. These cores are always in stock and ready for same day shipment.

Expansion in Progress

August 2009

Yazoo Mills is under construction! Yazoo is working through another phase of growth to its New Oxford, Pennsylvania facility. When the current expansion is complete the facility will total 150,000 square feet. The project is expected to be completed by November 2009.

New Website!

May 2009

Yazoo Mills, one of the largest independent producers of tubes and cores in North America, has launched an improved and expanded yazoomills.com web site that provides visitors with an enhanced user experience. The new site is much larger, more user friendly, and more visually appealing. The upgraded functionality, enhanced graphics, and automated e-commerce order processing and payment by credit card make the site the best in the industry.

Progress Forward

January 2009

Yazoo Mills has entered into the approval process of land development to expand its New Oxford location for the seventh time. If approved, the facility will have its final build out totaling approximately 150,000 square feet. The upcoming expansion is a true measure of the continued increase in demand for Yazoo’s product lines.

Additional Equipment

October 2008

Within the last year there have also been upgrades to our production lines and capabilities. A new PACO automatic recutter has been added, new Bellmark printers, new die cutting and punching capabilities, 50 new Jarke racks, and automated glue delivery systems. Yazoo continues to reinvest every year to improve efficiency and offer additional options for our expanding customer base.