Paper Tube & Paper Core Uses

Paper tubes and cores are versatile materials that are used by many types of industries, including flexible packaging, printing and design services, industrial manufacturing, and many more. Even though these businesses use paper tubes in different ways, they all need paper tubes that are:

  • Skillfully constructed out of high-quality raw materials
  • Affordable in small or bulk quantities
  • Delivered quickly

That’s where our business comes in.

Experience the Yazoo difference

At Yazoo Mills, our paper tubes and cores are manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry and customized to your needs, using only the finest grades of 100% recycled paperboard. We never require a minimum order size, so you don’t have to spend more on tubes and cores than needed. On top of that, we ship all orders in 48 hours or less, so you get them as soon as possible.

Whether you need a single paper tube, a box full, or a few truckloads – we can make them to your specifications and ship them in 48 hours, guaranteed. Learn how we can meet and exceed all of your needs for paper tubes and cores.

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