Production Expansion at Hanover Distribution Center: Phase Three



Let’s face it – being a manufacturer with large facilities, it’s very hard to beat the summer heat. In South Central Pennsylvania, the summers can be pretty brutal and the heat can take a toll on our employees.  We wanted to go with a solution that would not only be extremely beneficial and safe to our employees and their working environment but also a solution that would use a fraction of the energy that would be used by dozens of small fans.

Phase three of the production expansion at our Hanover Distribution Center included the installation of five Big Ass Fans. Their industrial ceilings fans are precision engineered to excel in the toughest environments.  These fans are extremely quiet and generate a breeze that has a cooling effect of bringing the temperature down 10°F.

Three of the Big Ass Fans span 24 feet in diameter while two of them are 20 feet in diameter. The fans are continuously moving air throughout the entire manufacturing space, from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, including up and over obstructions such as machinery and stacked product.  The airflow pattern ensures that air reaches all corners of the building, maintaining consistent conditions throughout the manufacturing space and eliminates condensation and stagnant areas where product integrity is a concern.

Not only has Big Ass Fans helped lower the temperature at our Hanover Distribution Center but it has also decreased our utility costs and provides comfort and energy savings to our ever-growing business.