Production Expansion at Hanover Distribution Center: Phase Two



At Yazoo Mills, we recognize the important job our company has to help keep our environment clean. To create our sustainable packaging products, we only use 100% certified recycled paperboard and we have the paperwork to prove it.  We recycle all waste generated during our manufacturing process which includes shredding, bailing, and shipping to a recycle paper mill and then we receive the recycled paperboard back to manufacture our products.

Phase two of the production expansion at our Hanover Distribution center included the installation of a brand new shredder and baler. The shredder, manufactured by BloApCo, greatly expands disposal capacity and increases container or bale weight.  The shredder also helps eliminate baler jams while increasing capacity, reduces energy consumption throughout the scrap handling system, saves labor with automatic operation with easy maintenance, and increases plant safety with added safety devices on the machine.

The 52 cubic foot heavy-duty baler, manufactured by MAX-PAK, utilizes a 30hp premium efficient motor. It came complete with an automatic wire tire system and allows for adjustable bale lengths.  It is controlled using a color touch screen interface and Allen Bradley controls.

Check back next week as we will be blogging about Phase Three!