Rummel Advances to Project Coordinator

Rob Rummel, Project Coodinator  Rob Rummel Takes Measurements for Guard Rails

Yazoo Mills is pleased to announce the promotion of Rob Rummel to Project Coordinator. In his new role, Rob will be a driving force behind the success of all key projects from start to finish—including research, planning, scheduling, and communication.

A graduate from Millersville University with a bachelor’s degree in Technology Education, Rummel joined Yazoo in 2019 on the front lines of the Winding Department. In a short period following, he moved on to the back lines within the department to produce small ID stock paper cores & tubes and became part of the company’s Concerns Suggestions & Improvement (CSI) program. In addition to his experience at Yazoo, Rummel worked for his father’s business, Rummel Pattern Works, before and after college. The company built various fixtures and tooling for the local manufacturing industry, and gained much experience in a field many people are unfamiliar with. Along with his extensive industry knowledge and education, Rummel’s work ethic, drive, organization and communication skills are among the key components that led to this advancement.

“Communication is everything,” says Rob. “As project coordinator, I strive for clear and concise communication as it’s critical to ensure all areas of a project, whether large or small, stay on track.”

When asked what he likes most about Yazoo, Rummel says “Several things. First, I like the culture. I feel like Yazoo combines futuristic thinking and new technology with old-world values. I feel like this is one of the few companies left, that still takes care of their employees and is genuinely appreciative of their efforts; as well as concerned for their well-being.” Rummel adds, “I feel like they also have a very solid foundation and make smart, sound decisions. They’ve been around for 120 years for a reason.”

Outside of work, Rob cherishes spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors, going on walks, dining out when possible, and exploring his lifelong interests in woodworking and the paranormal. He enjoys the on-going home projects—many of which can be viewed on his YouTube Channel, “The Shop.” Rob has built 90% of the furniture in his own home, including kitchen cabinets, built-in storage units, head-boards, dining tables, full size beds, tobacco pipes, urns, and many other varieties of things.

Congratulations on your promotion, Rob! We are excited to watch you grow and take Yazoo’s projects to new heights.