Six Yazoo Employees Graduate Dale Carnegie Training

Photo: 6 Yazoo Team Members Graduate Dale Carnegie Training

We remain committed to investing in our employees’ growth by providing them with the skills they need to excel at work and in life. Recently, six team members embarked on an eight-week Dale Carnegie training program, dedicating evenings to hone their people skills and communication. This commitment to expanding their personal and professional capabilities is truly inspiring.

Dale Carnegie Training is a program that helps individuals gain confidence, improve their communication abilities, and develop leadership skills required in today’s workplace. Our employees participated in this program along with other individuals from local businesses. During the program, they identified their strengths and developed them to become more effective team players and inspiring leaders.

On April 17th, our team members at Yazoo Mills, America’s largest family-owned manufacturer of paper tubes and cores, showcased their newfound skills by delivering impactful presentations to their peers. Their confidence and expertise left us incredibly proud of their accomplishments. This training goes beyond presentations – it empowers our employees to excel in all aspects of their roles, ultimately leading to a stronger, more successful organization.

Benefits of Dale Carnegie Training:

This course empowers your workforce to utilize their natural strengths to inspire teamwork and cultivate courage, confidence, and compassion.

Congratulations to Crystal, Juan, Jen, Ryan, Jack, and Zech on a job well done!

Photo: Full Graduating Class at Dale Carnegie Training 2024 Yazoo Team Members Support