Smith Advances to Plant Manager at Yazoo Mills in New Oxford

Jesse Smith Promoted to Plant Manager in New Oxford

Yazoo Mills is thrilled to announce the promotion of Jesse Smith to Plant Manager at our New Oxford facility! Jesse’s journey began in 2012 as a nightshift winding operator, but his dedication, leadership, and innovative spirit quickly propelled him through the ranks. He tackled diverse roles, honing his skills and injecting fresh perspectives that helped solidify Yazoo’s position as an industry leader. His unwavering commitment and integrity have earned him this exciting new chapter.

As Plant Manager, Jesse takes the reins of the entire New Oxford operation. He’ll be the driving force behind optimizing production workflows, implementing rigorous quality control measures, and streamlining shipping and maintenance practices. Cultivating a skilled and engaged workforce is his top priority, so he’ll focus on building strong teams, fostering talent development, and creating a positive and productive work environment where safety remains paramount. Jesse will work closely with our safety and health manager to ensure the well-being of everyone at the plant.

But Jesse’s vision extends beyond the production floor. He’s passionate about leveraging technology to drive innovation at Yazoo, and he looks forward to collaborating with his team and management to implement solutions that enhance customer experiences and effectively solve their problems.

For Jesse, Yazoo represents more than just a job. He values the sense of security, the generous benefits, and most importantly, the opportunities to excel. “Yazoo empowers me to push my limits, hone my skills, and make a real impact,” he says. “It’s an honor to work with a company that invests in its employees and prioritizes their growth alongside its own.”

Outside of work, Jesse finds joy in spending time with his wife, son, Cash, and daughter, Marley. When he’s not cheering at the racetrack or enjoying the outdoors with hunting and fishing, he’s likely whipping up culinary creations in his smoker.

With his innovative spirit and deep understanding of operations, Jesse is poised to steer the New Oxford plant to new heights as America’s leading family-owned paper tube and core manufacturer.

Congratulations, Jesse! Your dedication and collaborative leadership will be instrumental in driving efficiency, fostering talent, and propelling the plant toward a future of even greater success.