Due to the growing demand of paper tubes and cores, Yazoo is proud to announce that the company has made a further investment with the addition of manufacturing lines at our Hanover Distribution Center located in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The project started back in the summer of 2017 with planning for the expansion and figuring out the layout of the new production lines.  The first phase started with infrastructure and kicked off in the fall of 2017, with the completion of the infrastructure coming to a close by December 2017.

Projects during phase one consisted of hooking up electricity for the incoming manufacturing lines, adding a large compressed air system, dust collectors, top-of-the-line glue systems for each winding line, brighter lighting, additional bathrooms, a new production office, as well as a new racking system within the production area.

Continue to follow along as we will be posting the next three phases this month!



In late April, we officially broke ground on the expansion of our Distribution Center.  After only three years in operation, we are doubling the size of this facility to a total of 90,000 square feet.  Conewago Enterprises, Inc. has been working hard and diligently to keep the process of the expansion moving.  With the weather cooperating, Conewago was able to set the walls in a matter of days and the roof will soon be completed as well.

The expansion will allow Yazoo Mills to better serve our customers through an increase in product offerings, speed to market, and help the company meet an ever-growing demand for our products.  This project is targeted to be completed by August.  When completed, Yazoo will operate two facilities, totaling 240,000 square feet.



Our company has been consistently growing over the past few years which has caused us to make many changes to our facilities.  A few months back, the company decided to move the maintenance shop to the pallet warehouse to gain much more space to work and a lot more room for tools and storage.  Yazoo decided to turn the old maintenance shop into a brand new employee break area and renovate the old storage room into new, additional employee bathrooms.

The new enclosed employee break area has a brand new kitchen, two large windows to let natural sunlight in, brand new tables and chairs, and has heating and air conditioning.  This clean, bright, and quiet atmosphere allows employees to step away from their working environment and enjoy their breaks in this new bigger and modern break area.  In addition to the new break area, Yazoo also renovated the old storage room into additional men’s and women’s bathrooms for employees to use.



Over the past few years, Yazoo’s Maintenance Department has grown so much, that space was becoming very limited in the shop.  Recently, we moved the maintenance shop to our old pallet warehouse.  The new shop is triple the size of the old one and has brighter and more efficient lighting, extra room for storage, a few new tools and storage closets, a big garage door for deliveries, and a brand new modular office with computers, desks, and chairs.

Yazoo is currently in the process of turning the old maintenance shop into a new break area for employees.  The new break area will have heating and air conditioning, a brand new kitchen, new seating, two big windows, and a large monitor to display company news.  Additionally, the old storage room will be used to add additional restrooms to our facility.  Both projects are expected to be completed by the end of this month.

Hanover Hospital began caring for the Hanover, PA community in 1926 when philanthropists Harper Sheppard and Clinton Myers united local residents around the concept of a community hospital.  The Hospital structure was like no other as it was a sturdy and beautiful piece of architecture.  Over the past 88 years, Hanover Hospital has underwent numerous changes in order to keep up with the ever growing population and continues to offer high service within the community.

For 26 years, Hanover Hospital has been hosting an annual Golf Tournament and over the last four years, they have been raising funds for their PREP campaign (Private Rooms for Every Patient).  Yazoo Mills understands the importance of having a hospital prepared for the delivery of care and has contributed over $9,000.00 to the PREP Campaign.  The campaign and renovations started in 2010, was completed in August 2013, and the M4 unit finally opened in September 2013.  Since the completion of the M4 renovation, 82% of Hanover Hospital’s patients have private patient rooms, which is an effective component in the healing process.

For more information regarding the PREP Campaign, please click here.



Yazoo Mills has been a growing company for decades and with that growth has come a lot of changes.  Our New Oxford plant has been up and running since 1980 and has been expanded and remodeled many times.  During our most recent remodel project, we created 10 additional offices, a training room, additional handicap bathrooms, and a brand-new kitchen with tables, chairs, and upgraded to all stainless steel appliances.

The training room was designed to facilitate employee development, leadership skills, and mentoring in specific departments.  This room can hold up to 16 employees and is the central location for safety meetings as well as daily shift change/production meetings.