This winter proved to be long, snowy, and cold but the good news is that Spring is finally here and the weather is starting to change for the better.  Soon enough, flowers will start poking through the ground, giving yards some color and the weather will start warming up, just in time for Spring activities.

Paper tubes can be used to create fun and easy Spring time crafts for all ages.  With Easter being less than a week away, kids can decorate paper tubes and make them into bunnies, sheep, or peeps.  If you are having a hard time growing flowers in your garden, use paper tubes to create fake flowers that you can keep inside of your house all year round!  Are you feeling crafty?  Cut pieces of paper tubes and put them together as an inexpensive and creative Spring time wreath to hang on your front door.  Is the weather still just a little bit too cold to plant flowers?  You can use smaller paper tubes to plant flowers in until the weather gets a little warmer.



December came very quick and Christmas is officially right around the corner.  If you’re looking for ways to spread Christmas cheer without spending a lot of money or time, consider using paper tubes for all of your holiday crafting needs.  Add creativity to any room by making a Christmas tree out of different sizes of paper tubes.  Ornaments or random items can be put inside of the tubes to be used as decorations for your “tree.”

Make your own snowman, reindeer, and gingerbread man out of paper tubes in a few quick and easy steps.  Are you looking for an easy center piece craft for your table?  Grab a glass vase, insert a paper tube in the middle of the vase, and add Christmas ornaments to it.  The paper tube helps fill the vase evenly and keeps the ornaments in place.  Are you tired of giving the typical Christmas card with money?  Take a mason jar, insert a paper tube in the middle, fill the outer edges with the person’s favorite candy (to hide the tube), then put money inside the tube, and string a personal note around the jar.  The Christmas crafts and ideas are endless when using paper tubes!



It’s that time of year again to start pulling out all of your tricks and treats!  Gear up for Halloween by using paper tubes for some fun, easy, and inexpensive holiday crafts.  These crafts, along with many others, can be used for multiple Halloween purposes.

You can give your front yard some light by cutting out eyes in the paper tube and inserting a glow stick inside. Make a bat out of a paper tube and use it as a creative way to handout candy to trick-or-treaters.  Do you need a classroom craft idea that is perfect for all ages?  You can make mummies out of paper tubes by using white felt or white medical tape and put eyes on them.  Whatever the occasion is, you can use a paper tube for your inexpensive and artistic crafting needs!