Beginning Stages of Building the Boat                                                      Back of the Boat for the Cardboard Boat Regatta

Teammates Sitting In Their Cardboard Boat                                                      ADS Monkey Business Rowing Cardboard Boat In the Water

For over 112 years, Yazoo has been the premier manufacturer of choice when it comes to paper tubes and cores.  Our tubes can be used for multiple purposes other than your typical mailing, shipping, and storage tubes.  Recently, Yazoo Mills donated tubes to the “A.D.S. Monkey Business” team for the 5th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta held at The Brethren Home at Cross Keys Village.  Cross Keys’ residents and community members packed themselves around the pond to watch the participants try to keep their boats afloat and race to the finish line.

The “A.D.S. Monkey Business” team consisted of Vicki Hahn (rower), Tracy Leonard (rower), and Frank Roloson.  The boat was constructed of 11 tubes cut in half for the bottom, one tube for the “banana tree” in front, two tubes for the back rests, and one tube for a foot rest in the front of the boat.  It took the team over a week to build the boat along with 8+ rolls of duct tape, paint, spray lacquer, and a lot of liquid nail to hold the tubes together.  Their team placed 2nd in their heat and competed in the “last boat standing” competition.  During the last boat standing competition, six additional people got in the boat to try and sink it.  It took a few opposing teams to flip the boat over, leaving it to finally sink.