Have you ever walked into a grocery store and saw the Coke or Pepsi display at the front of the store?  Most of the time, they have the price of the soda bottles on top of a
tube.  These are called display tubes.

Display tubes are used for a wide variety of projects, creative designs, and applications.  These kind of tube uses range from point-of-purchase display poles, sign holders, product display pedestals, picket signs, to stage sets and more.  If you walk into a Bath and Body Works store across the U.S. this Christmas season, you will see red and white stripe display tubes holding up signs or being used as props.  Those are indeed, high-quality Yazoo Mills paper tubes.  When customers need their tubes fast, they depend on Yazoo Mills, especially during the busy, hustle and bustle holiday season.

Yazoo offers a wide variety of custom capabilities fit to each customer’s specifications with no minimum quantities and 48-hour turnaround time, which is the fastest in the industry.  Give us a call today at 1-800-242-5216 to get ahead of your competition.


Here we are, a few days away from Christmas and everyone is out shopping for those last minute gifts for family members and friends.  As customers, we can easily be “roped in” with department store’s advertising ads in the circular or enticed to shop at a store that has interesting display designs that grab our attention.  We are attracted to bright colors, interesting shapes, and of course, a good deal and a good shopping experience.

This year, Target stepped outside of the box and rolled out their pop-up store called Target Wonderland, located in New York City.  This free, family-friendly experience is a 16,000 square foot part-store, part-holiday playground that helps everyone find the perfect gift as well as getting back into the Christmas spirit.

Most people are familiar with our tubes for their main purposes of mailing & shipping tubes along with tape and label cores.  However, our company manufacturers paper tubes and cores for many different markets.  With the help of a Design and Production company, Yazoo Mills was able to contribute to Target’s Wonderland set by manufacturing all different sizes of solid red vista gloss covers, solid white litho covers, and red and white “candy cane” covered paper tubes.  Our custom paper tubes helped add a design element to the store’s display front as it is very abstract and modern, grabbing people’s attention.  Target’s Wonderland pop-up store has received a lot attention and was even featured on Good Morning America!

Click on the YouTube video below to get a behind the scenes look at the making of Target’s Wonderland store and to see Yazoo’s tubes “on set.”



Stores all over the world are finding unique and innovative ways to bring their store fronts to life in order to grab their customer’s attention.  When you walk into a store and the displays are boring and very bland, chances are that you aren’t going to buy much or anything at all, due to the visual displays not serving their purpose and drawing customers in.  However, when you see visual displays that are very creative, you are intrigued by them and are more likely to spend a little more time shopping in that specific store or section.

SeaWorld recently opened up their new San Diego store and needed some creative ideas that would help bring their inside visual displays to life.  SeaWorld used a variety of sizes of Yazoo Mills’ tubes to create bubbles throughout the store as part of their design theme.

Do you want your mailing to stand out?  Make a statement and send it in a colored shipping tube.  Colored shipping tubes are a great way to promote your company, product, or event by using company colors or coordinating a color with your promotional theme.  Do you have a special occasion coming up?  Choose a color for your tube to coordinate with your theme, school colors, etc. and along with your invitation or announcement add some confetti and theme related objects and you have a unique invitation for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, graduation party, wedding, anniversary, or other special occasion.

Not mailing or shipping anything?  Although colored tubes are typically used as mailing or shipping tubes with plastic end plugs they are available for many other uses.  Choose a color for your stage prop, lamp post, display tube, or tubes used for magic tricks, telescopes, toy drums, crafts, etc.

The tube itself is made from 100% recycled paperboard.  The colored cover is applied spirally wound with PVA glue on top of the outer ply of the tube and overlapped to create a solid color with no gap.  Yazoo stocks 11 different colored covers to choose from.  Orange was added recently to the existing line of colors that consists of white, yellow, green, red, blue, brown, black, red/white/blue stripes, silver foil, and gold foil.  Are you looking to match a particular color?  Colored covers can be made to match any PMS color.  Generally, if you have a creative idea for a tube, we can make it in any color.