We are constantly learning things all throughout our lives.  From the time we are babies to every day in your adulthood, learning never stops, especially in college.  Younger generations entering the printing industry are learning trade from different angles and technologies than compared to previous generations before them.  Learning things from a presentation is one thing but learning how to do things by having a hands-on experience, takes it to a new level.  The students in Cincinnati State’s Graphic Imaging Technology Program are learning by doing just that – having hands-on exposure with printing processes.

The Graphic Imaging Technology Program, which started in 1966, trains their graduates to be proficient in all areas of the print industry.  Approximately 30 students learn how to create art digitally with a focus on developing graphics for the print process, through various Adobe programs.  During the two years that students spend at Cincinnati State, they have direct hands-on exposure to preparing and producing projects in the Flexographic, Offset, Screen and Digital print processes.  From designing the art, to plate-making and operating the presses, the students learn how to do it all.  In addition to learning how to run the machines, the students also complete courses that include estimating, workflow and color management.

Yazoo’s generous donation of paper cores to the GIT program enables the faculty to teach the students how to run the machines properly and prepares them for the print industry.  The students enrolled in the GIT program also complete two semesters of co-op work experience at various local print facilities, allowing the students to work in a real-world environment.

The program has almost a 100% job placement rate because of the great support they get from the local printing industry.  Kathleen Freed, Professor of the Graphic Imaging Technology Program, says “Without Yazoo’s donation, we would not be able to print student projects on our flexo presses in our Flexographic Printing courses.  Each student prints a one-color, two-color, four-color (spot) and process color project over the course of the semester, allowing them to expand their skill-set properly.”  We are thrilled to continue our donation to colleges across the nation that offer printing courses to help prepare the students for their career in the flexographic industry.


With a little less than a week away, our Sales and Marketing Team are gearing up to head to Indianapolis for the 36th annual INFO*FLEX tradeshow held on May 7-8, 2018. This two-day event will host over 240+ exhibitors taking up 300 booth spaces and more than 2,000 industry professionals traveling from more than 30 countries will walk the show floor looking for innovative technologies, live demos, equipment & machinery, trending products, and much more!

This is the only event where the worlds of package printing and converting technologies successfully collide. Decision makers and top industry influencers from around the world will be making the trip to get to INFO*FLEX.  Yazoo has been an exhibitor at INFO*FLEX for many, many years and each year, we look forward to seeing our wonderful customers as well as showing off our top-notch paper cores and capabilities to industry professionals who are looking for a product solution that will help them stay ahead of their competition.

If you attend the show:

When: May 7-8, 2018 [1:30pm-6pm both days]
Where: Indianapolis Convention Center
Yazoo will be at booth #204 – stop by to see our top-notch products on display!