Continuing to be active within our community is a high priority of Yazoo Mills’ and we have been doing so for many years.  We like to give back to local schools and their sports teams.  Over the past year, Yazoo has contributed $1,000.00 to the New Oxford Football Fund to help take their football team, as well as other sports teams, to the next level.

“The donation was put towards a $17,000.00 upgrade of our high school weight room.  We purchased new power lifting equipment, bars, weights, rubber matting, mirrors and a new stereo system.  We have seen a huge increase in participation by our players in our off-season workout program, and I have been very excited about the number of other sports teams at New Oxford who are utilizing the weight room,” says Jason Thurston, Head Football Coach at New Oxford High School.

For more information about New Oxford High School, please click here.