When you think of a shipping tube, you probably envision finding some kind of goods or materials inside of the tube.  However, that isn’t the case for everyone.  On May 21, 2014, From the Top on NPR hosted their 10th Annual Gala event to raise funds for their organization.  During the event, one of their extremely talented pianist, Mayuki Miyashita, was carried out on stage in one of Yazoo Mills’ 20” inside diameter x 53” long shipping tubes.  Gerald Slavet, Co-CEO/Executive Producer of From the Top on NPR said “Thank you so much for the donation of the shipping tube.  It was the absolute highlight of our fundraising event and it helped us to surpass our fundraising goals for the evening!”

From the Top on NPR hosted 260 guests at their Gala event and raised more than $410,000 to support their mission to celebrate the power of music in the hands of extraordinary young people. For more information about From the Top on NPR, plese click here.