Did you know that Yazoo Mills has the biggest Stock Mailing Tube program in the industry?  Our offerings include Heavy Duty Kraft Tubes, Heavy Duty White Tubes, Multi-Pak
Mailing Tubes, Heavy Duty Adjustable Tubes, Light Duty Handout Tubes, Snap-Seal Tubes, and Plastic and Metal End Plugs.  With over 1.5 million paper tubes in-stock at all times and over 95 sizes to choose from, it’s safe to say that Yazoo Mills has you covered no matter what your paper tube needs are!

Our employees work hard to give our customers what they want, when they want it, on time, every time.  All of our Tubes in Time® products are in-stock at all times, guaranteed.  Yazoo offers free shipping in the continental USA with every Stock Mailing Tube order.  All Tubes in Time® products are available for same-day shipment when orders are placed by 4pm EST.  For top-notch manufactured paper tubes with superior quality and lightning fast shipping, give us a call today!


Let’s face it, we live in a world where the cost of everything and anything has gone up and continues to be more and more expensive.  We find ourselves looking for ways to cut corners; scoping out the coupons in the Sunday newspaper, or purchasing the generic brand to save a few bucks.

At Yazoo Mills, you don’t have to look for ways to save money because we already help you with that!  Not too many companies in the industry offer free shipping but at Yazoo, we are all about putting our customers first and not only do we help them save money, but we also manufacture top-notch products with excellent quality.

Yazoo offers free shipping in the Continental USA with every Stock Mailing Tube order.  Everyone likes to save money, especially on superior quality paper tubes!  We have over 1.5 million paper tubes in stock and ready to ship at all times, guaranteed.  We have 95 sizes of mailing tubes that are available for same-day shipment when orders are placed by 4pm EST.

For a complete list of the Stock Mailing Tubes available, please click here


There are plenty of manufacturers in this industry that claim to have products in-stock and ready to ship at all times.  It seems that in most circumstances, the manufacturer can’t stay consistent with the quality and quantity of the products that they are offering.  That’s where our company comes into play.

At Yazoo Mills, we take paper tubes and cores seriously.  It’s our passion, our expertise.  We’re committed to helping our customers make the best selections for their specific paper tube and core needs, especially when they need our products fast in order to stay ahead of their competition.  This is why we have created one of the largest stock programs in the industry, our Tubes in Time® and Cores in Time® programs.

Our Tubes in Time® program has 95 sizes of tubes ranging from Heavy-Duty Kraft Mailing Tubes, Heavy-Duty White Mailing Tubes, Light-Duty Handout Mailing Tubes, Multi-Pak Mailing Tubes, Adjustable Shipping Tubes, and Snap-Seal Mailing Tubes.  Our Cores in Time® program has 103 sizes of 3” I.D. and 6” I.D. cores for a variety of industries including tape, label, paper, textiles, film, flexible packaging, and many others.

Both programs combined have over 1.5 million products in-stock and ready to ship at all times, guaranteed.  Same-day shipment is available for customers who place their orders by 4pm EST.  Companies that require quality, consistency, and ongoing reliability contact Yazoo Mills for all of their needs.


Heavy Duty Kraft Mailing TubesHeavy Duty White Mailing Tubes Multipack Of Tubes In Time

Yazoo does! Our customers use shipping and mailing tubes for a variety of uses and needs. From offering protection for an item carried out of their store, to mailing invitations and promotions, or shipping calendars, posters, prints, artwork, parts, fishing rods, graphics, rugs, etc. Yazoo has a tube that works for them.

Choosing heavy-duty kraft tubes gives you peace of mind that your shipment will arrive undamaged. High gloss, heavy-duty white mailing tubes are sure to impress your customers and clients.  Multi-pak tubes give you the opportunity to get two of the most popular size tubes packed together for considerable space and cost savings.  Light-duty handout tubes are used to hand carry items or as a light-weight packaging tube.

Extra room has been allowed for plastic end plugs and plugs are shipped with the heavy-duty tubes and multi-pak tubes. Plugs may be purchased separately for the light-duty handout tubes if you prefer not to use them open-ended.

With diameters ranging from 1-1/2″ to 12″ I.D. and 84 stock sizes to choose from you are sure to find one that will work for you!

Need more options? Yazoo can custom-make a tube to your specifications, add one of 11 different color vista gloss covers that are in stock, or have colored paper made to match any PMS color.


Light Duty Blueprint Mailing TubesVariety Of Colored Mailing Tubes