When placing an order for any desired product, you find yourself anxiously awaiting its arrival on your door step, almost like Christmas time.  During the waiting period, you question if your package will ever make it to your house, if it will be on time, and the most important question of all – will it be damaged?  Chances are, the packaging material used for shipping your purchase wasn’t strong enough and received some dents from not being packaged and/or handled properly.  That’s where Yazoo Mills comes into play.

At Yazoo, we take great pride in meeting our customer’s tube requirements.  We recognize that one size does not fit all, which is why we offer high quality and extremely durable packaging and protection tubes made to fit each customer’s specifications.  Our protection tubes are generally used to slip over expensive parts, threads, cylinders, and other sensitive items to protect them during shipment.  Our packaging tubes are commonly used to ship steel, aluminum, tooling, banners, vehicle parts, construction materials, and much more.

No order is too big or too small for our company.  We offer no minimums and ship orders within 48-hours or less, guaranteed.  With over 350 tooling options available and a wide variety of finishes, the possibilities are almost endless with Yazoo’s packaging and protection tubes.


Due to popular demand, we have added 8” metal end plugs to our offerings. Yazoo’s heavy-duty metal end plugs are self-locking and do not require tape to secure the ends. The metal end plugs are for industrial use with our heavy-duty shipping tubes and are designed to hold as well as protect heavy objects, parts, etc.

Yazoo offers 12 metal end plug sizes and 11 plastic end plug sizes. Metal and plastic end plugs are in-stock for immediate shipment. Prices include shipping charges to anywhere in the continental USA.