We are proud to have our business located in the wonderful town of New Oxford, Pennsylvania for the past 35 years.  There is plenty of history behind our quaint little town and our community is working hard to help preserve some of the historical buildings so the generations to come can learn about the important past of New Oxford.

Located on a roughly 1-acre property in New Oxford, sits the borough’s 102-year-old train station, complete with a red caboose, an old mail car and even a still-operating CSX rail line.  This railroad station has produced many stories that have been passed down over the years through previous employees and the large amount of volunteers.  Pieces of the train station’s history are what’s important to the community members and volunteers.  In order to ensure that the station is around for future generations means buying the property it sits on from its current owner, CSX.  The downfall is, it’s going to cost $40,000 to purchase.

The New Oxford Area Historical Society created the All Aboard! campaign in June of 2014.  The society, in conjunction with the Borough of New Oxford, has undertaken a community campaign to raise funds to purchase the Borough’s beloved history railroad property.

Yazoo Mills has been a huge supporter of many fundraising events in New Oxford for a very long time.  We recognize how important the historic train station is to the community, which is why we donated $1,000 to the All Aboard! campaign.  With our contribution, as well as many other local companies, the campaign is nearing close to their goal of $40,000.  We are proud to support the campaign and excited to watch them continue to preserve the train station.