When placing an order for any desired product, you find yourself anxiously awaiting its arrival on your door step, almost like Christmas time. During the waiting period, you question if your package will ever make it to your house (especially in today’s world… if you know, you know!), if it will be on time (the struggle is real) and the most important question of all – will it be damaged? Chances are, the packaging material used for shipping your purchase wasn’t strong enough and received some dents from not being packaged and/or handled properly. That’s where Yazoo Mills’ expertise and strong shipping tubes come into play, giving you peace of mind and your products protection!

At Yazoo, we take great pride in making sure we meet our customer’s paper tube requirements. We recognize that one size does not fit all, which is why we offer high-quality and extremely durable packaging and protection tubes made to fit each customer’s specifications. Our protection tubes are generally used to slip over expensive parts, threads, cylinders and other sensitive items to protect them during shipment. Our packaging tubes are commonly used to ship steel, aluminum, tooling, banners, vehicle parts, construction materials and much more.

No order is too big or too small for our company. We offer no minimums and ship orders within 48-hours; the fastest in the industry. With over 350 tooling options available and a wide variety of finishes, the possibilities are almost endless with Yazoo’s packaging and protection tubes.


Over the years, we all have acquired a lot of stuff.  More stuff than we would like but finding a place for said stuff can be hard, especially when you need to protect certain items from the elements.  Whether you’re storing things in a storage unit, garage, or shed, Yazoo’s paper tubes have your items covered, literally.

Storing items such as carpet remnants, butt rolls of finished goods, rugs, posters/artwork, and much more can be kept safe and protected when stored in a paper tube.  The spiral casing of a paper tube helps keep items in tact rather than packing it in a box where objects can move around and become damaged.  Plus, paper tubes aren’t as big and bulky as boxes so they don’t take up as much room, either.  Yazoo’s plastic end caps help furthermore protect items from slipping out of the paper tube and help keep the tube enclosed, protecting objects from the elements.

If you’re looking to store artwork/prints, you’ll want to purchase paper tubes that contain liners as this is a solution that can help resist environmental conditions such as humidity.  Liners are extra added protection to make sure that nothing touches your precious pieces of art.  Our paper tubes can be as big as 20″ inside diameter and up to 52′ long.  Whatever your needs are, we have you covered.



Due to the high increase in demand for Yazoo’s paper tubes and cores, we have expanded our production capacity by installing a new Paco Spiral Tube Winder at our New Oxford facility.  The new winder will help create more scheduling flexibility, add production capacity, and assist the company to enhance efficiency with processing more orders.  Yazoo now has a total of 13 winders, which is the largest number of winding lines under one roof.

Communication and coordination were key factors during the several hours it took to plan and prepare for the new winder.  Yazoo’s Maintenance Department and supervisors worked together with the manufacturing company to guarantee that the new equipment was designed and built to meet Yazoo’s specifications.  Several meetings were held to also ensure that all other support equipment was pre-positioned and ready for production.  The installation of the new winder is complete and already running numerous jobs.

As a company, we like to venture out and meet potential employees face-to-face, opposed to the traditional filling out an application online.  This allows us to get a better feel for prospective employees and engage in casual conversations, making the jobseekers feel more comfortable.  Job fairs allow us to get our name out there as well as educate people on who we are, what we do, and the jobs we have available.

Yazoo Mills attended three job fairs between the months of March and April.  On March 31st, Spring Grove Area High School hosted their Business and Career Expo and had over 60+ exhibitors.  Companies met with Junior and Senior students in the morning and then the evening session was open to the public.  On April 2nd, HACC Gettysburg hosted their annual job fair and was well attended by college students.  The last one we attended was the HARHA job fair at Cross Keys’ Banquet Center with over 40+ exhibitors.  Overall, we were happy with the attendance of each expo and since their conclusion, we were able to hire a few employees that we had met through the job fairs.

Yazoo Mills Customer Gets Creative With Tube Design
We never know what use our customers will “cook up” next.  Ginny O’s from Raleigh, NC contacted Yazoo when they needed a tube for packaging their handmade gourmet cheese straws.

Ginny O’s Gourmet Cheese Straws are made from a family recipe that was handed down from Ginny’s great-grandmother. The homemade cheese straws are hand-baked fresh to your order and have been featured on cooking shows and in magazines.  Ginny O’s can also boast that their cheese straws have also been served at the North Carolina Inaugural Ball, the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh, The First Lady’s Luncheon, and even on Air Force One!

Yazoo is proud to have been able to work with Ginny O’s to create the customized package that they envisioned.