Yazoo Mills has been around for an outstanding 113 years and is still going stronger than ever.  With the increase in demand of Yazoo’s products, comes growth within our production lines.  Recently, Yazoo purchased a new Paco Extra Heavy Recutter (EHR) to compliment the additional 25 recutting lines in our New Oxford facility.

The Paco EHR is a tri-spindle automatic recutter capable of running orders through continuously without manually loading each spindle.  The addition has allowed Yazoo to gain more efficiency while expanding production capacity.  This new equipment came complete with automated controls allowing operators increased adjustability and precision.  Yazoo is constantly reinvesting in the company to ensure that we remain one the largest independent manufacturers of paper tubes and cores.



Due to the high increase in demand for Yazoo’s paper tubes and cores, we have expanded our production capacity by installing a new Paco Spiral Tube Winder at our New Oxford facility.  The new winder will help create more scheduling flexibility, add production capacity, and assist the company to enhance efficiency with processing more orders.  Yazoo now has a total of 13 winders, which is the largest number of winding lines under one roof.

Communication and coordination were key factors during the several hours it took to plan and prepare for the new winder.  Yazoo’s Maintenance Department and supervisors worked together with the manufacturing company to guarantee that the new equipment was designed and built to meet Yazoo’s specifications.  Several meetings were held to also ensure that all other support equipment was pre-positioned and ready for production.  The installation of the new winder is complete and already running numerous jobs.