Here at Yazoo, we are constantly looking at diverse ways to train our employees when it comes to safety training. Safety training has always been in place at Yazoo and continues to remain of high importance to all of our employees.

Recently, Yazoo met with Tony Samento of Samento Industrial Training Systems, Inc. to learn more about workplace safety, how to better educate employees with safety training, and lists of topics to discuss with employees throughout the year.  Every third Wednesday of each month, Yazoo supervisors meet with their department employees for one-on-one safety talks.  Each supervisor picks a department topic to discuss with their group as well as an in-home safety topic.

The one-on-one safety talks are to help raise more safety awareness at home as well as work.  The safety talks have been extremely beneficial for Yazoo employees as they are constantly learning more safety tips and what to do if a safety issue arises.  Yazoo will continue to meet with Samento Industrial Training Systems, Inc. quarterly to discuss and review the safety talks and training.

Safety Training For Employees At Yazoo Mills
As a company, we are constantly looking at safety training for our employees to take advantage of.  Safety training has always been in place with Yazoo and continues to remain of high importance.  Every other year, the company has the American Red Cross teach CPR, AED, and First Aid training and the New Oxford Fire Company also teaches fire extinguisher training on a yearly basis.  Currently, we have a total of 15 employees on staff that have training in all four areas.

Both employers and employees reap the benefits of safety training.  For employers, it helps lower the insurance risk and premiums, creates better workplace safety, and is very marketable in the hiring process.  For employees, it helps ensure health and safety, brings safety awareness within the company, provides accident and emergency response training, and helps prepare employees to potentially save lives.

Safety is one of our main priorities day in and day out.  We take satisfaction in our business and products.  We pride ourselves on our production and quick turnaround but also want to make sure that all of our employees are taking the necessary safety precautions with every move they make.

According to OSHA, nearly 4 million workers each year are seriously injured on the job.  With that in mind, it had sparked some worthy conversations about safety concerns from our more seasoned operators.  There are several different machines that we use when it comes to making paper tubes and cores.  We wanted to make sure that all of our employees knew the correct steps to take when operating the equipment so we decided to create a few videos emphasizing the key safety points.

A team of videographers spent several weeks preparing and filming the necessary footage to produce four high quality safety videos.  These videos include safety tips on maintenance, shipping, re-cut, winding, a step-by-step process on how to properly use the equipment at all times, reporting process of accidents, lockout/tag out procedures, and the location of safety data sheets.

Since 2004, Yazoo Mills has organized a Safety Committee that consists of 13 people including production employees, supervisors and managers.  The group identified the importance of the committee, therefore, it has been certified and registered in PA since 2009.  They meet once a month and address all safety problems that have triggered concern and work on solutions to fix the problems.

The committee was formed to draw attention to employee safety awareness, learning more about safety training, and to ensure all training and techniques are up-to-date, as well as earning discounts on worker’s compensation rates.  The committee continues to grow and be a successful component of an overall emphasis on company-wide safety.