The difference between a shipping tube and packaging tube is how the tube is used.  Generally, you are putting something inside a shipping tube, closing the tube and then sending it off via your preferred carrier.  The packaging tube is another form of packing to choose from along with the use of foam peanuts, bubble wrap, paper, tissue, etc. A packaging tube is used to pack your item which may go inside another tube, carton, or crate for shipping or storage.  Packaging tubes keep your product or part from moving around, add stability, or protection.  Roll your banner on a smaller i.d. tube and pack it inside another tube.  Put parts inside a tube to protect them in shipment.  Dowel tubes are another use for packaging tubes and are used vertically to hold rolls of tape, labels, and gaskets.

Kraft Mailing Tubes With White End Plugs   Packing Tubes Being Used For Storing Tools Or Parts Label Cores Available In Many Different Sizes