Over the years, we all have acquired a lot of stuff.  More stuff than we would like but finding a place for said stuff can be hard, especially when you need to protect certain items from the elements.  Whether you’re storing things in a storage unit, garage, or shed, Yazoo’s paper tubes have your items covered, literally.

Storing items such as carpet remnants, butt rolls of finished goods, rugs, posters/artwork, and much more can be kept safe and protected when stored in a paper tube.  The spiral casing of a paper tube helps keep items in tact rather than packing it in a box where objects can move around and become damaged.  Plus, paper tubes aren’t as big and bulky as boxes so they don’t take up as much room, either.  Yazoo’s plastic end caps help furthermore protect items from slipping out of the paper tube and help keep the tube enclosed, protecting objects from the elements.

If you’re looking to store artwork/prints, you’ll want to purchase paper tubes that contain liners as this is a solution that can help resist environmental conditions such as humidity.  Liners are extra added protection to make sure that nothing touches your precious pieces of art.  Our paper tubes can be as big as 20″ inside diameter and up to 52′ long.  Whatever your needs are, we have you covered.

Recently, Yazoo supplied shipping tubes for NBC’s hit show, “Chicago Fire.”  The television show used our tubes to store their large backdrops in when they are not being used.  With the slightest imperfection to a backdrop, it could cause a distraction during the filming process.  Yazoo’s durable and envionmentally-friendly tubes help protect the show’s large backdrops from all elements and keep them from being ripped or torn, scratched, and free from creases during the storage and shipping process for each onset location.



Due to the high increase in demand for Yazoo’s paper tubes and cores, we have expanded our production capacity by installing a new Paco Spiral Tube Winder at our New Oxford facility.  The new winder will help create more scheduling flexibility, add production capacity, and assist the company to enhance efficiency with processing more orders.  Yazoo now has a total of 13 winders, which is the largest number of winding lines under one roof.

Communication and coordination were key factors during the several hours it took to plan and prepare for the new winder.  Yazoo’s Maintenance Department and supervisors worked together with the manufacturing company to guarantee that the new equipment was designed and built to meet Yazoo’s specifications.  Several meetings were held to also ensure that all other support equipment was pre-positioned and ready for production.  The installation of the new winder is complete and already running numerous jobs.

Storage tubes can be used in a multitude of ways. Not only do businesses use them for storing parts, steel and aluminum, or printing plates but individuals are finding uses for them in their homes, craft areas, workshops, and garages.Use one tube or group them together. Stand them up, lay them down, or stack them and then fill them up.  Any way you look at it, storage tubes are a great way to help you get organized. Fill them with fishing rods, yard tools, wood molding, aluminum rods, wine bottles, rugs, fabric rolls, art work, paint brushes, scissors, colored pencils, crayons, shoes, toys, or use them in drawers or cabinets to organize small items. The possibilities are endless. Decorate them to compliment your room or area by painting them, adding pictures, or covering them with decorative paper, colored duct tape, or other materials. You are only limited by your creativity!