Summer is one season that almost everyone looks forward to.  The kids are out of school, vacations are being taken, the sun is shining, and the temperature keeps climbing up the thermometer.  However, summer can be one season that manufacturing workers would rather avoid the most due to the excessive heat and humidity.

We take great pride in our business and would be nowhere without our employees.  The safety of our employees is tremendously important to us.  We recognize that our manufacturing plant can get very warm during the summer months and we want our employees to be comfortable and able to continue concentrating on their work rather than being distracted by the heat.  Besides, comfortable workers are safer and much more productive.

Yazoo Mills partnered up with Big Ass Fans, an industrial fan company that specializes in cooling solutions geared towards the manufacturing industry, and installed 13 fans throughout our manufacturing plant in New Oxford, PA.  Big Ass Fans can span up to 24 feet in diameter, move air throughout the entire space, from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, including up and over obstructions such as machinery and stacked product.  This airflow pattern ensures that air reaches all corners of the building, maintaining consistent conditions throughout the manufacturing plant, and eliminates condensation and stagnant areas where product integrity is a concern.

Since the installation of Big Ass Fans, our employees have felt a temperature drop of up to 10 degrees and have noticed a better air flow throughout all departments in the plant.  Not only has Big Ass Fans helped lower the temperature in our manufacturing plant and decreased our utility costs, but it has also provided comfort and energy savings to our ever-growing business.

Being a fibrous product, cores are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.  To retain normal dimensions, paper tubes and cores should be used and stored at 73°F and 50% relative humidity (R.H.).  Most problems arise when the relative humidity drastically rises or falls.  Usually these changes take place during the changing of the seasons.  Air conditioned rooms, cold warehouses, low humidity and damp areas all will have an impact on the dimensional stability of fiber cores.  These are the same conditions that cause wooden doors to stick in everyday life.

Cores packaged in cartons – The cores around the outside are the ones most susceptible to change as they are closest to the atmospheric influences.  Cores on the inside of the boxes may not be affected as much because they are more protected.

Snake-laced on pallets; tied in bundles; on racks – Outside perimeter cores are likely to be more affected by drastic humidity and temperature changes, causing inconsistency between different cores.

Wintertime conditions – In severely cold weather when plant heating systems are running for prolonged periods of time, it is likely that the humidity within plants becomes very low.  These are the same conditions in one’s home that cause dry air, sinus problems, doors drying out, static electricity, etc.  These low R.H. conditions usually cause cores to shrink in size due to the evaporation of moisture from the cores.

Summertime conditions – Cores manufactured in high humidity, e.g. 90% R.H., can shrink drastically if the customer puts them into an air conditioned room with extremely low humidity.