Getting a proper education experience is very crucial with today’s children and youth.  Yazoo Mills acknowledges the importance of education and interaction among students and has donated over $7,000.00 within the last year to The Montessori School of Westminster.  The Montessori School of Westminster, Maryland is a premier private school, where children ages 2 through grade 9, master academics in a hands-on environment that encourages independence, self-discipline, and a passion for individual growth.  Students flourish on a 27-acre campus which boasts features hard to find at other private schools.

“Yazoo Mills has generously donated money to go towards our marketing fund.  We use these funds to mail information to the surrounding communities that we serve to market the school to prospective families.  In addition, we advertise the school on a billboard that moves monthly to different high-traffic areas.  Approximately two years ago, we completely redesigned the school’s website and added social media marketing components through Facebook, Twitter, and our blog.  We have also been able to utilize a freelance graphic designed to enhance our marketing efforts and overall branding.  We plan to continue to use these funds to market the school to prospective families in a variety of ways and through our efforts over the last several years, we are now enjoying full classes!” says Stephanie Day, Director of Development at Montessori School of Westminster.

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