Construction of Yazoo’s Hanover warehouse is in the final stages.  Outside, the landscapers are busy planting and mulching.  Inside, the contractors are working on the final details.  The equipment is lined up for installation and plans are under way for moving the inventory.  Yazoo is excited about operating out of this new facility and looks forward to the possibilities this warehouse offers the company and our customers.  Yazoo is expecting the new facility to be operational by mid-November.

Sustainable and sustainable designs are not just buzz words.  Yazoo has actually incorporated these practices into the architecture and planning of the new Hanover warehouse.  The facility was designed to LEED certified credentials and LEED certified contractor and subcontractors were utilized.

Some of the more apparent sustainable highlights are:

The warehouse construction is set for completion in early October.

The weather is cooperating and construction at Yazoo’s new warehouse at 800 Gitts Run Road in Hanover, PA continues.  By mid-June the site had changed from bulldozers, pans, dump trucks, and other equipment working on the excavating to lifts and cranes installing the precast concrete walls.  With the ability to set a wall every 30 minutes, it was just a matter of days until Conewago Enterprises had the walls set.  Next comes the roof decking.

Construction is under way at what will be our 45,000 square foot warehousing and manufacturing plant on Gitts Run Road in Hanover, PA. Conewago Enterprises has moved in the heavy equipment and is currently busy with the excavating.

Isn’t it amazing how much time is involved to prep the area before the actual building construction can begin? Even more amazing is how the construction crew knows exactly how much dirt to move until they get everything just the way it needs to be. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Mother Nature continues to cooperate and everything goes as planned.  So far so good!

The new building is being constructed of precast concrete wall systems, utilizing the most modern building design available in the market place today. It will be exciting to watch as the construction progresses and the drawings turn into reality.

warehouse with dirt warehouse building with cranes and dirt