Local Flower Shop Putting Moss on Yazoo Mills Tubes                                         Wedding Ceremony Area with Yazoo Mills Tubes

Trees Made By Using Yazoo Mills Tubes                                         Wedding Reception Area Using Yazoo Tubes to Cover Up Tent Poles

When planning a party that involves big white tents for your guest to enjoy the evening under, you have to take some precautionary and creative steps to figure out how to cover up and hide the ugly tent poles that are visible.  Recently, a flower shop in Wayne, PA purchased Yazoo Mills’ tubes to cover up tent poles for a wedding ceremony and reception.

The company said, “We were incredibly pleased with the products we ordered from Yazoo Mills.  We are always looking for new and creative ways to make our events memorable.  We used the paper tubes to wrap around tent poles for a large event.  We covered the tubes in moss to give the event a real earthy, organic feel.  They worked splendidly and we couldn’t have been more pleased with both the products and the customer service.  We will be sure to recommend Yazoo and to place future orders.”