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The winder operators are an integral part of the manufacturing process, since they are the guys who make the cores. Whether they complete the order or it continues to the Recutting Department, it all starts in Winding. In most manufacturing plants, the employee has one job to perform with very little variation. Not so at Yazoo! Sure, there are some standard tasks to be completed, but these guys must be on their toes at all times as there are 100+ changeovers per shift. They can’t just set up the machine and run an order, since great attention to detail is required to meet each customer’s specifications. Winder operators add or drop paper plies to maintain wall thickness; add custom liners, covers or printed logos; and assure that wall thickness and length tolerances are met, all while maintaining optimum machine speeds and fulfilling customers’ packaging requirements. Additionally, the operators must prepare to transition into the next work order as quickly as possible, with minimum waste and down time. These guys are busy! With an average of 9 years of experience, the Winding Department is a very dedicated and hardworking crew. Our customers ask and the Winders deliver, time and time again! We are very proud that they are part of the Yazoo Team.