Yazoo Mills continues to see growth and is expanding its Maintenance department with the hiring of Don Parks as Maintenance Supervisor.

Parks joins Yazoo Mills following a Maintenance Planner/Lead role at a local Agribusiness. His background in hydraulics, robotics, programming, planning and electrical troubleshooting provides him the skillsets needed to further expand the servicing of production machines to minimize down-time. Parks will collaborate with his team and other departments related to equipment/facility maintenance and focus on implementing improvements to position Yazoo as the industry leader in manufacturing paper tubes and cores.

When asked why he applied to Yazoo, he replied with “I applied to Yazoo because I knew the company would open up opportunities to me that I did not think would be open any time soon at my former employer. Yazoo is always striving for more in every aspect – with their employees, customers and facilities. They truly are a great company to work for!”

In his spare time, you can find Don spending time with his wife and four kids, watching his kids play baseball and softball, listening to audio books, learning to play new instruments, fishing, hiking and playing video games with his kids.

A few fun facts about Parks:
• Can play guitar, piano, bass and is learning to play the drums
• Attended college as a music major but dropped out because he couldn’t get over stage fright
• Makes his own arrows and shoots a recurve bow without sights

Welcome to the team, Don! We are excited to watch you hit the ground running and bring new, innovative ideas to our Maintenance department.


When you buy a car, in order for it to perform and have longevity like it’s supposed to, you need to make sure that you are keeping up with the maintenance.  Along with that goes repairing and replacing old parts so the car continues to be reliable and durable.  At Yazoo Mills, we take the maintenance on our machines very seriously so we are able to keep them running at all times.

Yazoo’s Maintenance Department has been keeping pretty busy with the annual maintenance of our 11 automatic, five semi-automatic, two high-speed automatic, and three Eppler recutters.  Our Maintenance Department disassembles, cleans, inspects, repairs, and reassembles each recutter annually as part of our preventative maintenance program.

Keeping up with the maintenance on these machines helps prevent breakdowns, minimizes downtime, and allows the machines to function properly and smoothly.  Each recutter is maintained throughout the year with monthly and bi-monthly lubes and inspections.