Anywhere we go, we see hundreds of companies’ names and logos being advertised on billboards, television commercials, race cars, and everywhere else in between.  We have become accustomed with recognizing logos without a company’s name being attached to it but very few people are able to explain the meaning and history behind a logo.

Even though our company has evolved through many changes since the early beginnings, it has always retained the name Yazoo Mills, derived from its original location in Yazoo City, Mississippi.  Our Lion and Lioness logo was trademarked in 1936 and 79 years later, the logo is still in use today, symbolizing Yazoo’s strength and reliability.

Yazoo has remained true to the meaning of our logo, even when the country hit hard times during the recession.  Our company’s strength and commitment to our customers shined through as we manufactured countless custom orders fit to each customer’s specifications, while other companies suffered many losses.

We put our consumers first.  We are dedicated to continue to fulfill our long-term commitment to deliver customer satisfaction and quality, American made products.  Over 15,000 customers in a variety of supply industries nationwide, depend on Yazoo’s stock and custom paper tubes and cores.  Businesses can always count on our strength, reliability, and commitment to get the job done on time, every time, guaranteed.